Tuesday, 29 August 2017

50+ Funny Sarcastic Pics, Photos & Memes for Whatsapp Facebook

People are searching for funny & sarcastic pics, photos & memes for whatsapp & facebook, whatsapp funny images download, sarcasm quotes images. As you know these platforms have millions of daily users who spend their lot of time on these platforms. So they sometime need entertaining things for enjoyment and also share that stuff with their followers, friends and pages.

I am going to share with you some latest sarcastic pics but before that first you have to known about what is "sarcasm"? In Hindi its called as "Taana". So, as you see in the below photo, that they are trying to say something but in the different manner. Don't think these non-veg jokes or double meaning photos. These photo's are just posted for the entertainment purpose. You can also download these funny Whatsapp images.

Funny Sarcastic Pics, Photos & Memes for Whatsapp Facebook

These Whatsapp funny photos & images are source from some resources and I am sure that you would love to share with your friends & colleagues. Just see these images and make your mind fresh, all the available images are in high resolution and you can even put as a background banner image. There are verity of different types of images that you can share with your friends and become popular within your friends and colleagues circle. So you can download these images, these images are for girls, boys and any age group. Hope your friends like them and share forward these sarcastic images.

Zindgi mai aise aneek padav ayenge jab aapko apna muh kholna hi padega.
Aap uss paristhithio mai dare nhi, uska samna kre. Apne muh ko khula rakhen....!!

He is looking for a cute girl to marry.

Ek aurat ka dard
Kaam karu to saans phul jati hai,
or Bauth jau toh saas phul jaati hai.

Ultimate Business

5 Crore Ki Keemat Ka Nayab Behhsa (Bech Mai)

Reason why men with beards don't like to shave

Zindagi ki bhag daud mein sehat ka khayal rakhiye,
Aisa na ho aap piche reh jaye aur pet aage nikal jaye.

Duniya ki saari khushi ek taraf or gaadi ka petrol khatam hone ke baad,
Chok lagakar petrol pump tak pahuchane ki khushi ek taraf.

Aaj ka Gyan
Noto ki gaddi or Girlfriend ki Chaddi kevel akele me hi nikalna chahiye.

We all need that one person in our life who stands by our side and fights for us frist and then ask later.
"Ache se bata ab hua kya tha?"

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