Friday, 22 September 2017

Kalra Hospital Wins the Hearts of New Delhi Residents

Kalra Hospital runs different social programs for patient’s awareness that’s why it is the top choice among medical centers in New Delhi for your healthcare needs.

Talk of health and the next thing one is likely to mention is a health care facility or if you may, a hospital. That is exactly where Kalra Hospital comes into the picture.

Talk of health and the next thing one is likely to mention is a health care facility or if you may, a hospital. That is exactly where Kalra Hospital comes into the picture. It stands out as one of the most prolific hospitals in New Delhi and beyond. It gets better with the fact that Kalra hospital has been in business for more than 25 years. With a deep understanding or how things are run in the healthcare sector, it is easy to understand why Kalra Hospital has been in business for such a long time. The hospital boasts of a wide range of clinical specialties designed to achieve the best possible outcome as far as health is concerned. In simple terms, Karla has always had the best interest of its patients at heart, with optimum health and wellness as one of its main objectives.

Speaking to a panel of health care delegates in Delhi, one of Kalra’s executive managers said, “It is important for healthcare facilities today to realize that they serve a higher purpose than just staying in business. That is because ultimately, the facilities are the link between life and death. The sector is therefore not like any other sector. That is why Karla has taken the initiative to lead by example. Whether the emphasis is on a child, a woman or a man, the main is and has always been putting the best interest of the patient first. As most people put it, we are all about empathy as well as passion.
Karla Hospital has also been very active with programs such as the International Elective Program for medical students. It also runs a blood bank program that is one of the most reliable in New Delhi. There are of course, other programs run by the hospital in other key areas like cardiology. All these and more are just but some of the things that make Karla Hospital stand out.

The executive manager went on to say,” The health sector is always full of challenges. With healthcare facilities that not only focus on treatment but also research, one can be sure of a bright future. Again, that is where we come in. We discovered just recently that very little is known about sensitive issues like gender disparities in basic and advanced cardiovascular care. This is of course, not a good thing. The good news however, is the fact that we did all we could as a hospital to ensure that this gap does not widen. We now have doctors on board who understand the issue very well. They not only treat, they also help others to understand more about the issues.

Impeccable customer service is yet another thing that makes Kalra hospital stand out. Anyone can be assured of royalty treatment. To Karla, it does not matter whether one wants to make a simple enquiry or get actual help from the hospital. In the end, it is all about showing empathy and handling each issue sensitive or not, with passion.

About Kalra Hospital
Bases in New Delhi, India, Kalra Hospital offers a comprehensive range of clinical specialities. The hospital has been in operation for more than 25 years. It also runs different health programs with major stakeholders in New Delhi’s health sector. These and more make the hospital one of the most prolific in New Delhi and beyond.

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