Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Samsung Galaxy S9 May Have a Perfect Design

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 may have the perfect design; however, its rounded edges, its infinite display, and curves on the sides give it great ergonomics. And, above all, a quality feeling and product design that not all companies achieve. It's a nice terminal for both viewing and playing. Like the Galaxy S8, its chassis is metallic and its glass coating. It will arrive in three colors: black, gold and blue. Take a close look at this last key, which makes the terminal look even more beautiful and eye-catching. And, we want Samsung to perform similar magic with the next Samsung Galaxy S9.

Samsung Galaxy S9 May Have a Perfect Design

By the way, its design is IP68, so it resists immersions in water and is resistant to dust. A certification that also affects the S Pen, even when it has been withdrawn, and the receptacle is discovered, it is still safe to submerge it. Now, for less than an hour, less than a meter deep and in fresh water the phone is much protected. Samsung Galaxy S9 will also get the IP68 protection characteristics.

Our only reproach in the design aspect is its finish. Although it is nice and flashy, it is not suitable for people with fatty fingers. As soon as we hold it for the first time in our hands, our fingerprints are marked by the whole surface. This finish also has a mirror effect that reflects the scene perfectly. So, little improvements in the design of Galaxy S9 can tweak its performance.

It is the true protagonist of the front of Note 8. After all is the only thing that is seen from this perspective. The infinite screen concept is repeated this time, leaving only two edges at the top and bottom of the device. Everything is Super AMOLED screen, so the color reproduction and the black tones are more than defined and worked. It is very bright, and its use experience is the best we can find in the market. Its maximum resolution is QHD +, so it can show the smallest details with total clarity. And, it might be possible to see the 4K-resolution display in the Samsung Galaxy S9.

This Super AMOLED panel reaches a size of 6.3 inches. It's great; so forget about using it with just one hand comfortably. Of course, that is not the claim of Samsung with this terminal. The panel also features Mobile HDR Premium technology. So watching movies and series on this mobile is more than recommended to enjoy the high dynamic range or well-defined colors in very light or very dark scenes. Of course, all this in a longer proportion, surpassing the classic 16: 9, as already happened in S8 and S8 +. A medium format between the TV and the cinema to enjoy a more natural viewing of videos and movies, although it need the rescaling of games and other content that have not been created for this format and proportion. And, we would like to see improvement in the aspect ratio of the display that will be integrated into the Samsung Galaxy S9.


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