Thursday, 30 November 2017

Technology Savvy: 4 Android Applications To Teach Kids Some Coding Skills

Coding or Programming is a way of commanding the computer, application, website or phone what you want them to do. Learning it at a young age is a great advantage. Some professionals are hailing it as the new literacy.

Teaching your children the basics of coding and computer commands in as young as four or five years prepares them for the modern day we live in today. The ability that comes with coding help kids cultivate new ways of thinking and nurture problem-solving techniques.

There are plenty of Android applications that help your children learn some coding skills at a young age. They will learn the fundamental concepts easily without frightening them. For a little help, listed below are four Android apps that teach kids some coding skills.


Interaction is the main ingredient in drawing kids in education, and TinyTap android application is a wonderful and free way to begin creating that interaction. TinyTap is an uncomplicated but powerful app where images combine with recorded audios to build interactive games.

This application is excellent because it allows the children to create entertaining, educational games and distribute them to others. TinyTap also provides a robust platform for kids to flourish their problem solving and creative thinking skills while spending their time in building and playing interactive games.



Tynker is a free application and is an outstanding solution to enable kids to learn the basics of computer programming. This application is excellent for your kid’s mental, social, and academic development.

With over 50 million users all over the world, Tynker is a progressive approach to teaching kids how to code. This application has more than 1,500 engaging activities and topnotch platforms which means that all ages can benefit from learning how to code in Tynker.

Enroll your children in a school like Code Camp where they can learn and hone their coding skills more. Learn to code with free programming projects and online courses.


Let your children get enamored of coding within minutes. Lightbot is a programming puzzle game, which means that its mechanics need the use of coding to solve each level.

Just by directing a robot to lighten tiles to solve levels, kids learn a genuine understanding of the process, conditionals, and loops; which are the core ideas of Computer Science. Lightbot is great for boys and girls: you can portray Girlbot or Boybot.

Lightbot is an excellent way to get your kids interested in various programming concepts and engage them with coding. The level of the challenges increases hastily, so children might enjoy more coding time with Lightbolt and get as many chances to complete the level.

Hakitzu Elite

Hakitzu Elite

Evolve into the greatest CodeWarrior and hack others with Hakitzu Elite. Hakitzu Elite is a heroic, robot battle game, where you learn the fundamentals of coding while combating personalized robots in both singleplayer and multiplayer missions. Triumph is in the code!

Hakitzu Elite is free to play, and you can play through various coding ranks to become the ultimate champion. Sharpen your coding skills with 25 challenges and create your robot warriors.


From TinyTap, Tynker, Lightbolt, and Hakitzu Elite, kids will get to understand and learn coding skills while engaging in fun and entertaining activities and games. Let your child learn the basic of programming to develop computational thinking, creativity, thinking fluidity, and soon be competitive enough in the future job opportunities.

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