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Unique Diamond Engagement Rings At The Most Popular Jewellery Store

Your diamond engagement ring is more than just an eye candy, it has sentimental value attached to it and should reflect your personal style. If you can’t envision yourself with the classic solitaire diamond ring then consider vintage-inspired, modern, ultra-glamorous or boho-chic stunning alternatives.

Each of the diamond engagement rings at Australian Diamond Company is a distinctive work of art and handcrafted to perfection to add oomph to your style. Browse our inventory to find the perfect and unique diamond engagement rings in Melbourne.

Unique Diamond Engagement Rings At The Most Popular Jewellery Store

• Non-Traditional Style

If you want an engagement ring that is a little out of the ordinary, then you can find various alternative designs in our inventory. Non-traditional rings are contemporary and a beautiful way to ensure that your ring is as unique as your love. Forgo the traditional centre diamond and choose a wide band with beautiful detailing such as accent gemstones or engravings. You can go for a unique cut such as rose cut diamond, this diamond has multiple facets to add subtle shimmer and gives a sleek appeal. Another non-traditional style is a cluster ring, multiple gemstones are featured together to add plenty of sparkle. For a personal and chic look, stack your favourite styles together.

Vintage Rings

• Vintage Rings

Choosing a vintage style ensures a ring unlike any other. If your ladylove craves something rare, antique and regal chose a ring that represents the natural theme and intricate shape just like the Georgian era rings. If she is inspired by Queen Victoria style, then selecting a ring from the Victorian era is a good option. The rings have flowers, hearts and acrostic messages you can use to create a symbol of your love. Art Deco engagement rings are best suited for those who love artistic and whimsical designs with intricate detailing. If the style of your love is more of the glamorous type then shop for bold and dazzling retro rings. Whatever era suits her selecting a vintage ring is a romantic and unique choice.

Fancy Coloured Rings

• Fancy Coloured Rings

Choose a fancy coloured diamond as the centrepiece of your ring to make a distinctive statement. Select a pink, yellow, blue, brown, grey, orange, purple or green diamond to showcase her colourful style. Pink diamonds are considered the rarest and precious diamonds in the world. The pink colour is a symbol of sophistication and a universal shade of romance. Yellow diamonds are fashionable, warm and cheerful and will literally light up the room. Blue diamond signifies royalty, honesty and wisdom, brown diamonds symbolise sophistication and are the rising star of the coloured diamond industry. Grey diamonds are everlasting, chic and elegant. Orange diamond is energetic, vibrant, creative, warm and friendly and will definitely make a memorable impression. Purple diamonds enjoy the same romantic appeal as pink but with a touch of mystery and green diamonds represent growth, health, hope and generosity. An engagement ring featuring her favourite colour is particularly a meaningful choice.

• Custom rings

If you want something very unique then customising your ring is the best option. You need to have the concept in mind or mix the latest trends together to make a unique engagement ring. Visit  Australian Diamond Company where the jeweller designers specialise in every step of the creative process. The process begins with sketching based on your description and once it is finalised, the designers cast the ring and your dream ring is brought to life.

These are some of the unique diamond engagement ring styles you can choose.           

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