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Walk Like A Beauty Queen: Pageant Shoes Tips For A Victorious Win

Pageant footwear is a game-changer for every woman who covets winning a crown in a beauty pageant. If you get the right pair of shoes, it will absolutely make you look like you own a perfect pair of legs and that there’s nothing you can’t do on stage. But when you get it wrong, you will end up looking heavy and inelegant.

Walk Like A Beauty Queen: Pageant Shoes Tips For A Victorious Win

The clothing expectations in beauty pageants can be challenging, especially when it comes to wearing sky-high heels. High heels are necessary with pageant clothing, and if they are not your natural choice, you’ll have a hard time walking on the stage with confidence.

When choosing pageant heels, it’s important to put comfort first on the line. How you walk in heels is certainly the most substantial thing you need to consider. Also, you should be able to move well across the stage. For a little help, below are five pageant shoe tips you can swat for a victorious win.

Excellent Swimwear Shoes

What is a beauty pageant without a swimwear portion? It is probably one of the best highlight of a beauty pageant apart from the question-and-answer portion. Of course, a stunning swimwear is never complete without the equally stunning yet comfortable heels.

For swimwear round, you will need something underrated, to divert the focus on your body. Women's Shoes such as high heels will help you extend your leg and channel a more upbeat walk across the stage. A sturdy pair of nude heels is the best choice as it lengthens your pace and elongates your legs.

Refrain from too many sparkles and fluffy or straps corsage that will occupy the height of the heel as high as you can adequately walk. Nearly all swimsuit footwear are peep or open-toe, however, the closed toe shoes can best work, if and only if, the toes are not very pointed.

Superb Evening Footwear

Superb Evening Footwear

Shoes for the evening round is a very complex one. A lot of the ladies can have the most dazzling gowns and then having a hard try to find the perfect shoes that will work best for them.

Similarly, others choose a stunning pair of shoes that does not work with the gown they want. What you purchase first is all up to you, but when searching for an evening footwear, you need to think about the length.

Typically, the gown should be no more than one inch off the ground when walking. Or else it will wreck the way you walk and the fabric of the gown. Keep in mind that it is not good to use crystal coated heels with a sheer gown because it will tear away the sheer fabric as it smoothly touches your feet.

Nevertheless, if the shoes will be on display because of a high slit or a chiffon fabric, you will want a beautiful pair of shoes that help you stand out and walk your way to victory.

Pageant Interview Shoe

As for the interview round, you will want something formal yet sexy. For instance, a stiletto works perfectly for any formal or casual wardrobe as it adds an air of formality and sexy aura as you stride with conviction and ace all pageant interview.

Court shoes are also one of the most versatile footwear you can don for pageant interviews as they work with any modern or traditional outfit. And again, nude is the best color to choose because it complements well with just about any wardrobe.

Make Sure It Fits

Generally, there are things to consider when purchasing shoes that will prevent any harm to your feet. It should fit well. You may adore those nude heels but if your toe is sticking out, then it does not look or feel good.

Uncomfortable shoes can lead to ligament and muscular damage, corns and calluses, and are partly responsible for blisters, bruises, and swelling in later life. Apart from the fit, check if you can walk comfortably while wearing the pair.

No sensible woman can walk in six inches heels overnight, that's why you need to be sensible when wearing them. Just because you want to look sexy and elegant doesn't mean you need to compromise the comfort of your feet.

Mastering the art of walking in heels takes time. It doesn't happen overnight. If you will force yourself to do so, it might cause a lifelong problem and will jeopardize your chance of joining and winning in beauty pageants.


Remember to keep your pageant shoes understated, simple, and elegant. Avoid using strappy shoes because they are diverting the attention away from you. The aim is to use shoes that are not only beautiful but must let you walk in comfort and with poise and slay every pageant rounds.

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