Wednesday, 20 December 2017

How Can Organizations Boost Up Their Customer Retention Rates?

Customers are the greatest asset to a business. Competition is high in the industry, and market leaders strive hard to retain their customers. It takes a lot of efforts to acquire new customers. However, you need the ideal mix of diplomacy and marketing skills to retain them. A study reveals that 68% of customers abandon a brand, as they are unhappy with the quality of services. Another 14% move to a different company as the quality of the product does not suit them. 9% of the clients try out other competitors. Evidently, it appears that inadequate customer support results in the greatest loss in business.

How Can Organizations Boost Up Their Customer Retention Rates

So, what strategies can you adopt to retain your customers? Here, we can place certain measures that will help you to keep your customer base intact, while you explore greater horizons in business.

Get a virtual phone system

The key to hold back your customers lies in establishing a reliable communication structure. Well, even when you are not selling your products, make sure that your clients are able to reach out to you easily. Today, a large section of global companies is switching to virtual phone systems. These cloud-based communication systems provide a cost-effective solution in providing 24/7 help to your customers. You must be ‘available’ all the time, whether you market your products within your country or in a distant territory in a foreign land. When you target and obtain new customers, get a reliable communication system at the outset.

Make sure you answer their calls

Well, it is important to respect the time of your customers. When they dial your customer service number, make sure to have an attendant to pick the calls. Smart business houses activate the auto-call reception mode in the virtual phone systems. Even if your office hours are over, the customer’s call will be picked and directed to the desired person. It enhances your reliability and adds value to your brand. Besides, it is necessary to identify the needs of your customers. You should transfer the call to the right department through the automated system. Quality customer services reduce the possibilities of your customers moving to a different service provider.

Provide expert solutions

The contemporary business infrastructure around the world has witnessed a surge in outsourcing call center services. The professionals in these companies take care of the needs of your customers. It is economically not feasible to hire in-house executives to answer to the queries of your customers. As a result, you need to outsource these services to domain-specialists, with adequate experience in your business. For instance, an IT company need call center executives with advanced knowledge in the industry. A pharmaceutical company would not go for a contact center specializing in insurance. Evidently, when you reach out to the right company, the experts provide customized support to your clients. These call centres too bank on virtual phone systems to streamline their services.

Establish relationships to build trust

While you expand your market, you should keep the existing customers engaged with information that they need. Even if you are not selling your product, it is necessary to establish a rapport with your clients. It keeps your brand relevant to them even at odd hours. This is one of the basic tactics of building an impressive brand image. Evidently, you need to produce relevant content and present them to your customers through blogs and articles. You may arrange for an email marketing campaign every month, seeking their feedback about the quality of products and services. The easiest approach is to call them up directly, on a scheduled basis and know their feedback. Evidently, you will incur additional expenses over telephone bills and other costs. This is the key reason why business firms are becoming more reliant on virtual phone systems. The monthly subscription packs are cheap and you need no additional installation and hardware costs.

Provide anticipatory service

When you plan to grow a loyal customer base, you need to be proactive in your approach. Provide the necessary services and information to your clients before any problem crops up. It will add to your credibility and enhance your image. For instance, most of the airlines inform the passengers about delays in flights beforehand. It prevents the travellers from facing hassles on the way. Billing departments also make the people alert about the invoices when the due dates are around the corner. When you get a seamless communication infrastructure on your platform, the process becomes simplified. When you provide anticipatory services, you can save a lot of time and efforts fixing the issues.

Integrate automation into your systems

An automated business environment brings more ease to the functional mechanism of a company. Reduce human errors as much as possible by automating your system. For instance, companies using virtual phone numbers never miss out calls. Even if the calls are not received, the system tracks them and informs the business owners about the same. You can get back to the customers later on and provide them with the necessary service. This prevents your business from suffering losses in business due to the unavailability of the receptionist. Integrate sophisticated technology in your system to leverage the benefits of quality customer care services.

Strengthen bonds online

With the growth of social media marketing, companies are maintaining a good rapport with their customers over the online platforms. You can grow your own group of followers by creating dedicated pages and groups for your company. Post timely blogs on your page and watch out for the degree of engagement of your customers. You need to post informative blogs that help them with information they need. A hard-sales pitch is not necessary all the time. Interact with them as much as possible.

Evidently, customers expect a human essence in the conversations with your company. It is time to streamline your platform with sophisticated technologies, like chatbots, virtual phone systems, and social media marketing. Make sure to reach out to the reputed service providers when you integrate your business with these technologies. 

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