Thursday, 21 December 2017

Small Business Monitoring App to Check Employee Performance

The business world is heavily dependent on the modern technology devices such as windows and MAC computer machines no time ever before. Employers have to invest a handsome amount of money on the tech machines in order to facilitate their employees within the working hours for the better productivity. Over the years, employers have used plenty of tools in order to examine the work quality and their commitment regarding the assigned task. Therefore, for the purpose of examining the workflow of the employee’s bosses also higher some executives to judge the work performance of the employees. In the modern age, there are plenty of activities that cannot be examined with human efforts and employers have to use monitoring app in order to make a check on employee’s performance in small business. Let’s discuss the tool that enables employers to examine the employees during working hours.

TheOneSpy monitoring software

The tool is the best in the business of spying cell phones such as Android, IOS phones and to track the windows and MAC computer machines. It is been designed for monitoring of employees, for parenting and Last but not the least to do surveillance on spouses. It has plenty of state of the art features such as read emails, keyloggers, and spy on calls, screenshots, live screen recording, TOS Spy 360 for live surround listening, live camera streaming and live screen sharing, block websites, user-friendly reports, real-time monitoring, mighty alarms, activity logs, camera bug, screen recording and plenty of others alike. The windows and MAC monitoring software have the reasonable price that enables everyone to get their hands on it. Now take a look at its robust features and its configuration.

Screen Shots 

The TOS windows monitoring app enable a user to get remotely screen shorts of the target device and employers can view what sort of activities their employees are doing within the working hours. This will let employers keep an eye on the entire activities employee do on their assigned windows computers and laptops and the productivity of a small business may start increasing having a strong check and balance.

Website blocking 

Employees mostly use plenty of entertaining websites and apps on the company’s owned devices and waste so much time within the working hours. So, if employers are not comfortable with such activities within the working hours, they can use windows and MAC spy app in order to block all these websites and apps within no time on the target device. They just need to use the block website feature and need to put the URL of the websites into the filters. Once a user has entered a website URL into the filters, employees will not be able to use the particular websites and apps and will concentrate on their assigned work and ultimately have such type of tracking the productivity of your small business will automatically increase.


A user can use keylogger of the MAC spying program and will come to know all the keystrokes applied to the target device. Once a user can their hands on all the keystrokes applied on the target windows laptop or desktops such as password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, SMS keystrokes and email keystrokes. It means a user can get access to the target windows device and get to know what is really happening on the employee’s windows machine.

Mighty Alarms

The user can set alarms on employee’s time-wasting activities on the Mac laptop device. Once a user up to an activity, the mighty alarms provide an alert to the user that the target person is doing inappropriate or time-wasting activity within the working hours.

Real-time monitoring 

The windows surveillance spyware empowers users to do the real-time monitoring of each and every single activity on the target device along with the complete time stamp.

Activity logs 

The user can also get the activity log of the target user by tracking the target window PC along with the complete time schedule. An employer will enable to know at what time their employee has done the particular activity and how much time spends on each activity by using the activity logs.


TOS small business monitoring app allows user to keep an eye on the employees in order to increase the productivity. Just bring the TOS and take your business to the next level.

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