Thursday, 18 January 2018

Advantages of Cloud Computing in Software Development

Software development is often a team effort. There are teams working on the core code, others working on the design, others testing and so on. Traditional software development uses a predictable cycle which is often inefficient. It typically starts with the software team handling the code and the design then the coded software is forwarded to the testing team which searches for bugs and measures the performance of the application. The software is then forwarded to the quality assurance team which tests the overall code. With time, businesses realized that the mode was inefficient. This is what led to the birth of app cloud development. There are many benefits that come with the use of cloud computing, especially in app development.

Full version control

The first benefit of using cloud computing in software development is the control. As mentioned earlier, with the traditional way of software development, teams had to wait for others to finish. This is no longer the case with cloud development. Everyone involved in the project is able to see the overall progress and make recommendations or changes as the project goes.

The best thing about the version control capability is that it promotes collaboration, auditing as well as disaster control. This in turn enables the developers to build as well as release the software quickly and with minimal problems.

Save time

Full version control leads to one important thing; efficiency. Considering all the teams will be working together without having to wait for the others to finish what they are doing, the app development process will be more rapid. The teams will have easy access to the company data that is needed in planning and execution too. The system will also supply the storage space that is needed.

Cost effective

The fact that the project runs smoothly with minimal errors simply means that there will be fewer mistakes that lead to undesired expenses. What is more is that with platforms like Salesforce DX, you get the full advantage of an open source platform. This means you don’t have to set a budget that is too high to transition to cloud computing.


It is hard to ignore the fact that using cloud computing will offer more flexibility and mobility to the developers. This is for the simple reason that the team doesn’t need to be in the same room to complete a project. So long as they have computer access and the right login details, they will be able to access the software development platform from anywhere in the world.

Better quality control 

Poor quality can drive a business to the ground. Cloud computing offers consistent reporting which makes it easy for the teams involved to maintain high quality. Testing and quality control is all done in real time.

There are many more advantages you will get to enjoy once you decide to use cloud computing. However, to get these and more advantages, you have to pick a cloud computing platform with great care. Not every platform will give you the power that you need.

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Lucy Jones is a software developer working with a leading app development company in London. She has used Salesforce and often recommends the use of to learn more on the same. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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