Friday, 12 January 2018

You Must Go Through These 8 Best Health and Fitness Ebooks

Who doesn’t want to look healthier and fit? It is just your laziness that is not letting you do anything productive.

So here I’m to motivate you in this new year to take this resolution to walk on the path of good health or to learn what you can cook new, or how to build strength in the gym or by exercising and also to live stress-free and happier life. All this you can grab by going through all these best health and fitness eBooks which are listed below:

1. The Telomere Effect: 

A Revolutionary Approach to Living Younger, Healthier, Longer: This book is written by a Nobel Laureate Eric Kandel and he is actually a molecular biologist. This book tells about the science of telomeres. This is actually parts of our chromosomes that look how quick our cells age and die. It will be providing you all the advice on how you can reverse aging and boost your health. It will also tell you about how sleep, state of mind, exercise, and diet can affect your entire health and reduce the aging process.

2. Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food: 

This book is written by Cate Shanahan who is actually from Los Angeles and is Laker nutrition consultant. Book brief the user about the importance and results of eating food based on traditional cuisines like fresh food, sprouted food, meat on the bones, and organ meat. It also says sugar must be avoided, minimizing empty starches and drinking bone broth and stock. These two things contain collagen and amino acids which helps in healing and connective tissue building.

3. The Endurance Diet: Discover the 5 core Habits of the World’s Greatest Athletes to Look, Feel and Perform Better: 

This book is written by sports nutritionist Matt Fitzgerald and this book took 20 years of research and experience with the world’s top-notch sports athletes who are actually fittest and healthiest in the world. The writer has described the five core habits and the key strategies for resulting top performance. These top five aspects are: Eat everything, eat quality, eat carbohydrate, eat enough, and eat individually. Olympics Marathoner Shalane Flanagan has also referred this book. Even he has written a book Run Fat, Eat Slow.

4. The No Meat Athlete cookbook: Whole food, plant-based recipes to fuel your workouts and the rest of your life:

 Here we are going to talk about Matt Frazier, who actually was gym-goer and later turned to marathon runner and then ultrarunner. Popular website ‘No Meat Athlete’ was also made by him and he usually shares his transformation from a hunk-food and complete vegetarian lifestyle. Matt Frazier has described in his recent book that now athlete can perform better on food plants and with 150 vegan recipes. These 150 vegan recipes are very cheap and can be easily be placed on the table.

5. Eat Well, Move Better and Feel Awesome: 

This amazing tile book is written by John Chapman and Leon Bustin. They both are actually a personal trainer and popular Youtuber. The basic motive of this two inspiration person is to help as many people as they can for better health and also make them understand that great shape doesn’t have to be hard and depressing.

They have described easy nutritious recipes, some simple form of workout, toning tips, mindfulness techniques. They both believe that having the healthy lifestyle is achievable and fun. They have clearly given an advice to the people with the title of the book.

6. Slim by design: 

This book is written by behavioral economist and food psychologist Brian Wansink. He is even called as Sherlock Holmes of food. He explains that the easiest, quickest and the most natural way to lose weight is to work with human nature and not against it.

He says that it is important to change your everyday environment in order to get meaningful and lasting weight loss. You must definitely make some changes to the way your live and later on, you will definitely encounter with big changes in the way you look and feel.

7. The Wow Book: 52 ways to motivate your mind, Inspire your soul & create wow in your life: 

Author of this book is Todd Durkin. He actually believes that we are not always bright eyed, bushy tailed and craving to go. Sometimes we need some approach to go on. Todd actually comes in ‘Top 100 Most Influential Person in Health and Fitness’ and he is also a leading training advisor for under armor.

In this book, he has shared some 52 stories, which basic motive is to motivate us to make our mind right, explore our purpose, and live in belief.

8. Strong and Sculpted: 

This book is written by Brad Schoenfeld. He is actually a famous fitness expert and he considered as one of the leading authorities on body composition training. In his book, he has given us a science-based programme that is easy and really effective.

There is a five-phase programme in his book which will take you from the present level to whatever you want to be. A plan is the most important aspect of going to make some changes to your body. When your body adapts to the plan, then plan helps you challenging and progressing.

Conclusion: Well, the above-listed books are the best health and fitness ebooks which will really help you out in improving your health and also of people around you. So if you are really serious towards your fitness and health, then just don’t give a second thought. These are few step away from you to grab, order one and definitely, you will see changes in you.

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