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7 Awesome Advantages of Becoming a Marketo Implementation Partner

Wondering if your business would benefit from becoming a Marketo implementation partner?

Are you confused between whether to hire a digital enablement agency that is a Marketo implementation partner or not to get Marketo or any other marketing automation service at all?

In today’s market, having such questions is really the usual for any business owner, whether they are small to medium sized business or a large company. It can be a tough decision for any business or company to decide if they can benefit from automated marketing or not. On the other hand, it is even harder for those who want to use automated marketing program to find the right software for their specific needs.

7 Awesome Advantages of Becoming a Marketo Implementation Partner

When it comes to marketing automation, a lot of businesses’ first choice is Marketo, one of the most popular marketing automation platforms available in the industry. The diversity in services offered by Marketo make it the right choice of software for businesses of different sizes and from different industries.

The marketing automation software, Marketo is more commonly used and is known to be more suitable for business-to-business sales and it is known to be less helpful for companies working in ecommerce market or that are selling directly to consumers. The core of Marketo works around attracting and engaging the leads of a company and move them through the sales funnel so that the said B2B Company can grow.

The Marketo services are designed to allow its users a high-level user customization. The overall Marketo product is divided into four distinct parts and a client is given different plans and payment options for each plan. Marketo possess the most marketing automation feature sets for their users, it is also one of the most flexible options available in market and it offers some of the most robust analytics and business intelligence features.

No matter what industry and market you operate in, businesses have to continuously deal with increasing competition, and stresses and issues that come with competition, business growth and marketing efforts. Hence, to better deal with this, a lot of companies are dedicated on attempting to be sure they have access to one of market’s most effective marketing automation platform available, which can help make their growth efforts more effective and streamlined through the course of their regular business operations. Any business that is focused on such process should be aware of the benefits that are offered by Marketo consulting services to ensure their progressive efforts are more efficient and as streamlined as possible at all times.

The range of products and services by Marketo are definitely among some of the best solutions available today for companies that are interested in making exceptional growth results for their efforts. Companies are seen to get focused on the use of the Marketo marketing automation platform when they want to be very much certain that their campaign launches are as well managed and productive as they possibly can be. Some companies who need tailored solutions for their businesses, also prefer this particular service provider, as they usually get consultants offered to them, who look into their individual requirements.

Any company that is looking for such kind of professional guidance will definitely have a good number of options that they can consider. However, attempting to find a service provider that is just right for the company and is able to meet all requirements is rather a challenging task on a multitude of levels. Looking at the magnitude of this decision, it is always better to factoring in various considerations that can be quite helpful in coming to a viable decision.

Hence, we give you 7 advantages of becoming associated with a Marketo implementation partner agency or to become Marketo implementation partner yourself, which can really help you take the best decision in support of the productivity of your company and its operations.

1. Modular design offered to a Marketo implementation partner

To begin with, Marketo offer its services through a modular system where its services are divided into four major sections, which are marketing automation, consumer engagement marketing, real-time personalization and marketing management.

These four individual sections allow users of Marketo to customize the services they buy. Marketo users have a chance to get a unique and personalized marketing automation solutions that work best for their industry, market and audiences. However, if you may like, you can also buy all four modules for a more unified and comprehensive approach towards your marketing strategy.

2. Pricing diversity offered to a Marketo implementation partner

Marketo is really an ideal marketing automation platform due to the diverse pricing options it provides, which can fit into the budgets of a lot of different companies. They also have multiple plans for each of their individual products, so that every client can find a plan that is most suitable for their specific needs. Clients can even mix and match these plans as much as they like to reach the best fit for themselves.

Moreover, Marketo consultants are also rather affordable if you may need one. Marketo’s pricing system is more effective than paying per hour because clients get charged for their specific needs for the entirety of their marketing efforts. Hence, this pricing diversity is helpful for companies that are trying to manage a restricted expense budget.

3. Customization offered to a Marketo implementation partner

Marketo specializes in providing customer marketing automation solutions to their clients that help them set up exactly what they want with a tailored approach to marketing strategy. This means that you only see what you want to see and when you want to see them, so you don’t need to deal with any unwanted information.

A common perk for Marketo users is that they can enjoy a customized service agreement which is drafted specially for their requirements. All businesses are unique when it comes to what they need for effective growth and what they need from their marketing automated platform, which is why each Marketo client is provided with the specifics that they see to be necessary in their contract.

4. Integration offered to a Marketo implementation partner

When you talk about structure, Marketo and Salesforce were both built on the same platform, which is why both of these software integrate impeccably together. So if you are also using Salesforce or are thinking about making a shift between the two software, you can easily do so while keeping the same data. The same data works for integrating Microsft Dynamics and System Administrative Program (SAP) software.

5. Analytics offered to a Marketo implementation partner

Marketo’s analytics services give companies the ability to track their campaigns and pull reports at any time to access the data. In general, the analytics provide you with valuable insights that you can base your decisions on and try to improve your business.
For example, the tool Success Path Analyzer tracks the relationship between you business’s marketing strategies and the change you face in revenue. Moreover, you can also have access to your CRM (customer relationship management) data and information on the firmographics of your business’s website visitors.

6. Customer services offered to a Marketo implementation partner 

The professionals or consultants that are made available to each individual client of Marketo are fully competent to manage the entire automation of their growth efforts. Implementing new technologies and programs through an entire company can be a rather daunting and tough job to comprehend on different levels, which is why it is important that you have knowledge and skill to complete the task. Hence, Marketo provides complete training for implementation of the program to ensure that their clients clearly understand the use of Marketo, their new marketing automation system.
Either it is virtual or direct guidance or the overall customer services, it is another major benefit of using this particular marketing automation software. Where some companies prefer to be provided a trained professional over any electronic mode of communication and some are interested in help that is there with them guiding through the complete process. Marketo caters to both preferences of its users with its direct guidance to consumer services.

Marketo provides a great customer support and a very active community for its clients, where they help one another with their campaigns and technical issues.

7. Easy and intuitive use for a Marketo implementation partner

Marketo, the marketing automation platform, receives lots of praise for their usability. One might not say that they have the prettiest of all user interfaces but it sure has one of the most user-friendly interfaces. Everything is labeled and easy to navigate around, which makes it easy for a user to adopt, implement and run this program quicker and easier than some other options in market.

The above given advantages of using Marketo marketing automation platform clearly show how Marketo can be an ideal choice for different sizes of companies and businesses who want to start using marketing automation for the growth and productivity of their business operations.
Hence, this article can be really helpful for companies planning to expand and want to see quicker and more productive growth results of their marketo implementation partners.  efforts.

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