Thursday, 22 February 2018

Difference of Staying in a Rented House or Leased House in Delhi

Delhi is a cultural treasure-trove, the seat of the country’s power, and a great place to live and work. The sprawling city breathes history, from its Mughal and Sultanate monuments to the wide avenues of Lutyen’s Delhi. If you want to experience this fascinating city the best way possible, find yourself a good home at the budget that you are comfortable with. You can lease or you can rent, but it is better to study the options before you make a decision.

Difference of Staying in a Rented House or Leased House in Delhi

How does a Lease Work?

In a traditional lease, you would have a property for a long period of time, usually running into many years at a fixed nominal rate. In many cases, you can use the property for commercial purposes apart from using it as a residence.

A leased apartment works for those who are looking for a long-term stay. If you are working in Delhi and have no firm visibility regarding where you will be a few years later, then a lease is not a great choice. Companies looking for office space usually get their property on a lease.
With a leased apartment, you can legally sub-let it if you are not using it. This can be a good way to augment your income when you are not using the property. A lot of guest houses and hostels are established on leased property.

The Advantage of Rentals

A rented apartment in Delhi is basically a type of lease but for shorter periods of time. Traditionally, getting a house on rent would incur some extra costs like a house deposit and the fee for the broker.
The advantage of a simple rental agreement is that it addresses the basic requirements of most people. It is easier to plan your budget when you know there is a fixed expenditure over a period of time. Renting a house can be cheaper than owning a house over the long-run too, keeping in mind the interest rates that housing loans charge over a period of time.

A rented place also provides a good base for those who are still in the process of building a strong financial foundation. It allows you to be flexible – follow your job rather than be tied down to a leased or permanent property.

A Modern Way to Rent

You do not have to spend more than you should to get a room for rent in Delhi. You can a secure and well-maintained 1BHK or 2BHK apartment on rent in Delhi without having to break the bank.  House hunting is a lot more convenient nowadays with apps and dedicated services at your disposal. Say goodbye to inflated rents and brokerage fees. You can find a furnished house so you save on costs and there is no need to interact with landlords and property owners. A security deposit of two months is more than enough to confirm your new home. Get a single independent room and pay the rate of a PG in New Delhi without brokerage. You can opt for shared rooms, private rooms or full houses.

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