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Digital Marketing: Top 7 SEO Trends to Notice in 2018

SEO is, and will always be, a key tactic to gain organic traffic on your website. And, it's trending every day! Earlier, search engines calculated ranked based on keyword understanding; however, they have grown a lot more sophisticated now. Complex algorithms and multiple techniques determine what shows up on the first page. As search engine gets smarter, you need to focus on various strategies to match their smartness as well.

Digital Marketing: Top 7 SEO Trends to Notice in 2018

Quality over quantity will always win! So, write content that is natural, search engine friendly and try to use tools to increase traffic on a website. Avoid write-ups that lack substance. To get a better understanding what comes next in SEO, here are some trends for 2018 you need to watch:

Voice Search Optimization

People are inclining towards voice search engines to find out information. No more typing! Optimizing voice search is an opportunity for you to grab in this year as Alexa and Siri have gotten popular nowadays. People have begun using digital assistance for their daily dose of information.

This impact searches in various ways, for example, the long-tail keywords (specialization in converting website to WordPress) have become more important, which means the content should be in a good, conversational tone.

Search Friendly HTTP

HTTP websites are favored by Google. In fact, Google's Chrome, will in the near future start displaying non-HTTPS in bright red, signaling not secure. If that happens, it will be even more important to switch your website over to HTTPs.

Preference To User Experience

Digital presence of a brand ensures that a user has an excellent experience, which is why an excellent UX is imminent. Indubitably, users won't return if they have a bad experience, and that is taken into account by search engines. It's not just about the website experience; a mobile-friendly website is equally important. A better user-experience is one of the popular smart optimization techniques to increase organic traffic to your website.

Along with, the speed of your website must be good-nothing above 5-6 seconds. Content's readability and navigation should be clear and minimal. Not to forget the AMPs(accelerated mobile pages). As search engines emphasize on better-personalized experiences of a website, UX will be the key to getting the audience to your platform.

Great Content, As Always Paramount

Content Marketing and SEO are deeply intertwined. Your content plays an important role in creating interest in a user that attracts them to visit your website regularly. A user-engaging and informative content is what people look for on the web. It's not just what you say; it's more about how you say.

So, create content that is unique and relevant to the audience you are targeting, and include long-tail keywords to impact search engines.

The Rise Of "Linkless" Backlinks

This may sound alien, but there is such a thing called "linkless" backlink, and it is pertinent to strongest ranking factors as we enter into 2018. It is simply a mention of your brand or your name by other web users. Search engines trust these mentioned and use them to divert traffic to your website. They work similar to "real" links!

Visual Content Is In demand

Vblogs and pictures will continue to grow. People have started focusing more on the infographics and video blogs. As per KPCB, video content accounts for 74% of the online traffic. In fact, videos and images are also being consumed by users in high volume. So, if you haven't yet started ensuring the meta tags of images have keywords, start that to leverage visual content for SEO. For videos, attach specific keywords with the transcriptions.

Personalized Searches

Search engines have started including more personalized searches that are tailor-made for the users. Results are based on factors like-

Location- personalized results as per the locations of users.

Browsing history- Your interests and preferences in the browsing history strongly influence the results shown by search engines.

Device- Yes, devices too, as pages are ranked according to the device used by the audience to browse. Web pages that are mobile friends are ranked higher.


Keep these 7 trends in mind while creating an SEO strategy for this year to have a positive impact on your website ranking, which will help you get potential users. Watch out for other generic SEO techniques that are evolving with time, and stay updated!

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