Tuesday, 20 March 2018

3 Things You Should Do Before Hiring a Landscape Designer

Would you buy a home without taking a look at the floor plan? Probably, you wouldn’t. That also applies to why hiring a landscape designer makes sense.

3 Things You Should Do Before Hiring a Landscape Designer

If you want to revamp your lawn and make your dream landscape possible, do it right the first time. And in order for that to happen, you need to hire a professional landscaper who knows exactly what he’s doing.

But before you rush into hiring one, here are three things you should do beforehand.

1. Do your homework

Since you only know a thing or two about landscaping, doing some research will help enhance your knowledge. An online search will also give you an idea of what qualities you should look for in a landscape professional. This way, you’ll know how to distinguish the best landscaper in the field, from those who are so-so.

Below are some qualities that a good landscaper possesses:

  • Strong Portfolio – Review the company’s past landscaping projects. This is often seen on their website. Look for projects which are similar to what you want for your garden.
  • Solid Reputation – Customer reviews are important for they will tell you what to expect from your landscaper. Check for any complaints and seek advice from neighbors whose gardens you admire.
  • Experience – A landscaper with years of experience can guarantee a better landscaping job.
  • Professional Service – This is something you can’t find on paper which is why you need to get to know your landscaper. When problems arise during the project, your landscaper should be able to communicate well with you. Spend some time to talk with them and see if they’re reliable, knowledgeable and professional.

2. Set a budget

Any house project will require you to shell out cash from your wallet. Setting a budget will help you control costs even before hiring a landscape designer. With a budget in mind, you can shop around and search for the ideal price range for certain landscape services.

To get a better picture, you may also compare rates by requesting a free landscape estimate.

3. Ask questions

Asking questions is a great opportunity for you to determine whether the landscaper has the qualities you want and the expertise your landscape will certainly need. Below are some important questions you should ask before making a decision to hire.

What are your services?
Determine what specific services the landscape designer has on offer to know which apply to your specific requirements. They should be able to do the scope of work that you want. Some landscape designers belong to one of the following categories, depending on their services:

  • Full Service – This means that their service covers the maintenance and design-build program. They’ll oversee everything including the ongoing maintenance of your garden.
  • Design and Build – If your landscape designer is also a registered contractor, they can do both design and build. Besides the design, you’ll need contractors for hardscape installation.
  • Design – Some landscape designers only specialize in the designing process. This includes the discussion of your needs, site analysis, preliminary design, revisions and the final master plan. The plan is then given to you and then you give it to landscape contractor of your choice.

Do you have a portfolio?
Consider the past work of the landscape designer in relation to the garden you want to have. If you want something modern, you have to check if the landscape professional you are considering has done something similar before.

What are your ideas for the garden design?
After you tell the landscape designer what you want, ask what vision he has for your garden.

What’s the process?
You have to get to understand the process to know whether the landscape designer will be responsible for managing each step of the project. And instead of setting the date for your project, ask for the estimated range or timeline for it to be complete.

What is the projected cost?
It’s essential that you have a clear picture about the project’s cost. Ask for a cost estimate for both installation and design.

Thorough planning is essential to create a wonderful outdoor living space. And to ensure that your dream garden becomes a reality, hiring a professional landscaper is important. Take note of the three important things above to make sure you hire someone who understands what you want so you get the landscape of your dreams.

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