Sunday, 18 March 2018

5 Best Places to Use a Metal Detector

Just own your first metal detector? Then what are you waiting for? It is the right time to use it for searching something valuable. Who knows you might find extraordinary things like ancient relics or pirate treasures. But, before you start searching around, it is best for you to find the best site first. There are several areas which have the potential for metal detecting. You can try 5 of them as shown below.

5 Best Places to Use a Metal Detector

1. Beach

Beaches are always a good place to use your metal detector. It does not matter whether it is a public or private beach. If it is private, make sure to get the permission from the owner. Meanwhile, the reason why it is a great spot is because there have been a lot of activities around beaches. People who visit beach usually do sports, jogging, or simply lie around for sunbathing. Those people might have dropped things like coins or rings. The best time to do the searching is during holiday season. You can start the process before sunset when it is not full of crowd yet. Metal detecting after storm is also great since several objects might have been dragged from underwater to the shore.

2. Backyard or Garden

Garden or backyard is the best place to start using your metal detector for the first time. This is the place for most people to relax themselves and children to play around. In addition, some homeowners usually hold a garden party. So, you may expect that some guests might have dropped something there. Furthermore, there is also a possibility for you to find several things beneath the ground. That is especially when your house is an old property. The previous owners might have buried things under the garden or backyard.

3. Farmer’s Field

Farmer’s field is one popular spot among metal detectorists. It is not surprising since most treasures have been discovered in fields. One of them is the hoards in Staffordshire, England. If you want to do the detecting in fields, do it in ploughed fields. It is because ploughed fields are easier to dig. The only problem with searching in fields is to get the permission from farmers. It is best to sign an agreement how the treasures will be split.

4. Footpaths and Woods

Woods and footpaths are perfect place for people to jog or walk around with their dogs. They might have dropped something along the way. So, you can try to search for them with your metal detector. However, although footpaths and woods are considered as public place, they might be a private land that the owners give the right for people to use the trail. Without being said, you will need to seek for a permission from land owners before you go for metal detecting.

5. Abandoned Places

Abandoned places are another option you can give a try for metal detecting. However, compared to the other spots we mentioned above, this one is a bit risky. It is because such places can be quite scary, especially at night. Hence, you better visit the place in the morning. Do not go at night as you are not ready for that. Only professionals are allowed to do that, and we suggest to do it in team.

Those are a few places you can visit to try your metal detector. If you do not have the device, you can simply buy it via online. Some shops even offer best metal detector for sale.

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