Friday, 23 March 2018

5 Best Travel Websites to Compare Cheap Flights

Internet has helped people search the best for themselves at the lowest prices. So is it also supposed to make things stress free when you want to compare flights for the cheapest rates? With more than a dozen airline websites in the search results to surf for cheap flights, it is a tough task considering you have to trust that platform when making judgment to avoid any hassle afterwards.

5 Best Travel Websites to Compare Cheap Flights

For this reason, we have tested some websites appearing in top search engine results with a goal to find 5 best travel sites to compare cheap flights. We made sure to cover all the important aspects that are important to consider in order to be decisive with your choice. It includes an assortment of domestic or international travel from United Kingdom, small flights to Europe, intercontinental flights to USA, Canada, Australia, Middle East and Far East. To make things a little interesting, a domestic flight was setup in a random country along with multiple breaks in some cities.
In every case, prices were drawn with variable timing and sensible choice of advance reservation. Although layovers were ignored such as unreasonable stays of over 20 hours between connecting flights. Well to be honest, nobody likes such lengthy stays even if it offers decent discount in flight fares.

Before we start to reveal our picks for 5 best travel websites for cheap flight comparison, it is our obligation to advise you to double check their fares before making any payment, just in case there is a better offer available.

1. Google flights

Google flights are undoubtedly the best way to search for cheap flights and flight comparison. It is fast, responsive on laptop, mobile or tablet. Other websites take a life time to open and whip out their data on mobile phone browsers. It is quite exhibitive and highlighting which is what makes it unique. Well these points are persuasive in your decision making but the best thing in Google flights is notification of cheaper flights near your travel dates. It enables you to track prices using email alerts. Google is also unique in highlighting the flight delay, cancellation and flight status which is always helpful information for a traveler.
Although prices may vary on Google flights, it certainly helps by providing other useful data to a traveler which is the reason behind its inclusion in this list.

2. Expedia

It is our opinion, based on our observation that Expedia is not a user friendly website. As soon as you browse it, distractions in the form of banners start shooting on your face and the results feel like it hasn’t seen a designer since its creation. But the reason behind its inclusion in this list of best travel website is due to its simple filter details.
It present its users with a menu of close proximity airports, arrival and departure timing of your favorite airline and a good option of comparing flights. Throughout our tests, Expedia was specifically good with stateside travel and regularly offered cheap flights from New York City to Los Angeles.

3. DreamWorldTravel

In contrast to Google’s workmanlike visuals and Expedia’s ads problem, DreamWorldTravel goes for a much colorful and user friendly style. You can find out multiple flights from different regions, continents, countries and cities quite easily. In fact you can enjoy a simple option of most top cities along with complete holiday and hotel details. In addition to that, you can also avail cheapest flights by comparing different outbound flights and route at variable time.

4. Travangelo

Travangelo’s reliability is a reason for its inclusion in this list. A colorful and picture rich website with a mission to make cheap flights and flight comparison available to everyone. They are an impartial platform of free global travel search website that helps people link openly to everything travel industry has to propose. Just like DreamWorldTravel, Travangelo also offers the option to include nearby airports for better travel experience. You can also choose from a direct or connecting route to your ultimate destination.

5. Momondo

Momondo is one of the friendliest straight forward travel website that offers flight comparisons for cheap travelling. When you type your destination, it displays the cheapest and quickest route you could take. It also excels in multi-city reservations and regularly outperforms competitors on short term trips. When we tested Momondo for cheap flights, we could clearly see difference of few hundred pounds being saved. You can also avail different mobile phone and data packages when booking in advance on Momondo.

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