Monday, 2 April 2018

Do You Know Why Your Acne Treatment is Not Working

Do You Know Why Your Acne Treatment is Not Working

You’re ready to step out of your home to meet your friends and what do you notice in the mirror? A zit that magically appears on your face. A pimple and an acne problem have been killing many moods since ages. Moreover, nothing that one uses seems to work on the skin whether it is heavy-duty zit cream before bed or face packs that are supposed to calm down the evolving acne. Everything tested and tried, most individuals get tired of different kinds of products and treatments. So, where is it all going wrong? Following are some reasons as to why your acne treatment might not be working:

Unclean Skin before Application of a Product

You may be forgetting a very simple thing. For any acne treatment or any product to work on your skin, your pores need to be open so as to let it work to dry out the pimple. Moreover, one has to be careful about the strength of chemicals in the skin products being used. Just because something has worked wonders for someone else, it doesn’t mean it will do for you. You should always use products according to your skin type that do not aggravate the blemishes.

Living an Unhealthy Lifestyle

Whatever what you may be trying to make your acne go away may not work. Why? This is because of unhealthy lifestyle choices can cause stress in unknown ways. For example, if your main meals are devoid of essential nutrients that your body requires, it will throw your body repair and healing processes off track. Moreover, the mental stress related to corporate jobs and growing technology rage is leading to fewer hours of sleep and more hours of stagnancy in front of laptops. Prolonged stress of any kind may actually cause hormonal imbalance in the body and can cause recurring acne problems. Thus, one should make sure that they eat right, workout, sleep for decent hours and even drink lots of water to allow an acne product to work well.

You’re Expecting Quick Results

Everybody wants to get rid of the painful acne as fast as possible. Unfortunately, the reality is that any product or acne treatment will take its time to work. If you've just begun using an anti-acne product or treatment within the last weeks or months, it's normal that you don’t observe much improvement. But this does not mean that your treatment is not working. It almost takes eight weeks before one can start to notice a difference in your skin. It might also take as many as 12 long weeks to see that improvement. All you have to make sure is that you are consistent with the acne scars treatment. Make sure you consult the skin specialist at your centre to get answers to all your queries beforehand. Moreover, just keep going for the treatment session as and when scheduled.

You are Undergoing the Wrong Treatment

First, you should wait for your acne scar treatment to work as suggested before. If that does not happen, you should review your choice of treatment. At this time of failure, more sophisticated and expensive medications might attract you and make you think they are the ultimate solution. Stop at that moment and just decide to consult your skin specialist again. Your dermatologist may prescribe a different medication. If you’re not convinced with your doctor, then make a switch.

All in all, a little bit of patience and a little bit of wisdom on your end can help you get good, long-lasting riddance from this painful acne problem.

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