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Easy Ways to Know The Status of Your PNR Status

Travelling is one of the best times to explore oneself and the surrounding beauty there is. But all of it can be interrupted if you’re not checking your PNR status from time to time. So, what is PNR number? It is an abbreviation for Passenger Name Record (PNR) which is a 10-digit number that is issued when a passenger books a reservation to Indian Railways. Earlier one could accomplish it only by visiting the railway reservation counter but with the boom in technology, one can do it online. This unique set of numbers is displayed at the upper left corner of your railway ticket.

Easy Ways to Know The Status of Your PNR Status

Once a passenger provides their personal details like their name, age, gender, berth preference, date of journey, contact information, train number, class of travel, etc., a PNR is provided to them by the Central Reservation System (CRS). It is an automated system by the Indian Railways that generates a PNR Number only when people submit their details online or write them down on a reservation slip.
One important thing to remember is that once the reservation has been accomplished, the issued PNR and the details on it are maintained irrespective of the changes made to the reservation information. The only exception is when it’s a multiple passenger booking or the reservation is split with some passengers' cancellation.

If one books their ticket online through an app or website, they will receive the PNR on the e-ticket or i-ticket which can later be printed out. For many, the main challenge is to find and understand the status of their PNR. Here are 3 simple ways to know the status of your PNR Status:

PNR Status Update through Website

To know the PNR status, one can easily login into the website for a PNR enquiry. On the website homepage, you will see a text box where you can enter the 10-digit PNR and then click on ‘Get PNR status’ button. Once the request is submitted through the click button, the system will generate the information regarding your booking. As per the status and circumstances, the passenger can properly decide on whether to go with the confirmed status, modify the booking if needed or cancel the booking. The passenger also gets information about re-booking. One can also browse through additional travel information provided such as the famous tourist hotspots or some travel tips.

PNR Status Update through Mobile Phone or Landlines

If you do not have access to the internet or think using it makes things complicated, there’s something for you too. You can use either your mobile phones or landlines to get information.  Through SMS, you can send a text message and enter the PNR number and send it to any of these set of numbers: 57886, 54959, 139 and 5676747. If texting makes you uncomfortable, you can opt for the old yet friendly calling method through your landline phones. All you have to do is dial 139, then you gain information on PNR confirmation, time of departure, time of arrival, accommodations, fair, availability, etc.

PNR Status Update through an Android App on a Smartphone

Indian Railways has caught up with the updated technology scene very fast. You can now check the PNR status using the android app Trainman. One has to download the application through android play store on their smartphone. Once the installation is complete, all you need to do is to enter the 10-digit PNR number and hit "check PNR". The app will display updated information generated from CRS about your IRCTC PNR status.

Hope this information helps you plan your travel better and stay updated.

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