Monday, 16 April 2018

Five Spring and Summer 2018 Beauty Trends for Every Woman

There's a lot of chaos going around the globe, and if there's one thing that manages to keep the stress levels of ladies down, it is fashion! Yes, we are talking about the newest, hottest and chicest trends of this part of the year. This summer is going to be exotic, and full of fresh beauty trends that have already started flooding the runways. Designers are doing their best, as always, to figure out what fashion trends will stay in the limelight for this season. And I am here to help you make decisions for your summer shopping spree and salon visits. So let’s start with our list, ladies.

Five Spring and Summer 2018 Beauty Trends for Every Woman

1. Balenciaga Boy Cut

We’re all on for this lovely hairdo that is often spotted on the ramps this year. A lot of models were found flaunting there dainty necks with this decent and chic boy cut. It all started from the runway of Balenciaga, and now it is all around the fashion house; being aggressively followed by people across the globe. Models like Loane Normand, Ruth Bell, and Gisele Fox have already followed the trend and look stunning wearing their hair cropped short.

2. Rapunzel Hair

If I said that long hair is in the fashion and have always been, I wouldn't be lying; am I correct, ladies? Who doesn't love a strong, thick and shiny mane of hair? Long hair comes off as an instinctively feminine attribute. This year at Michael Kors, Model Kristy Hume was found flaunting her waist-length blonde hair across the runway and believe me, people, she looked gorgeous!  Long hair is on trend, and the proof of it is the extensive sale of hair extensions across the globe. In case you do not have the patience to grow out your hair, buy some online. I'm sure you'll love them.

3. Make It Pink

Yay! Aren't girls always happy to encounter pink? Pink has always been my happy color, and nothing announces the arrival of spring as well as a rosy pink top. However, you can go overboard with this color a little bit and opt to wear pink hair. A model Stella Lucia got a rose quartz dye job and believe me; it looked stunning on her! With that, you can wear a variety of pastel shades, which are really in these days. At nights, you can amp your makeup up to neons, and I swear it would look gorgeous!

4. Accessorise!

When in doubt, accessorise. When you don’t feel up to the mark, accessorise. The right accessories can go a long way. You can try gilded and jewel-studded crowns, and you can also opt for gem encrusted ponytail wraps, whatever floats your boat. But I am sure you're going to fall in love with this trend. I have found myself excessively shopping at the hair accessories department; it is almost like an addiction!

5. Red Lips

There’s a new trend across the globe of wearing these slightly smudged out lips at the ends. Red lips have been in since ages, but this time around they are being worn in a completely different manner. The shades have more of an orange hue instead of pure red, the corners are being smudged out and artist slap on some clear gloss for a popsicle-like effect. I’m sure you’ll love this look.

You can also add up the use of good quality face masks and the moisturizers according to type of your skin in daily routine, especially in spring and summer season. It will help fresh your skin and enhance your beauty.

I hope you found this insight useful. Have a good day!

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