Friday, 25 May 2018

5 Essential Things to Consider When Moving Apartments

It is an exciting time! You are moving apartments, and a new chapter of your life is about to commence!

While it may seem overwhelming at the moment, there is a lot you can do to make the whole process a lot more enjoyable.

Here are five essential things to consider when moving apartments.

5 Essential Things to Consider When Moving Apartments

1. Your timeline

The more prepared you are for your impending move, the more seamless it will be. No one can deny that there is a lot of preparation needed for a move. For example, you need to set up mail forwarding, transfer over your utilities, contact your new strata management Adelaide provider, obtain packing supplies, etc. Oh, and then there’s actually packing up your belongings.

The best way to get on top of all these various tasks is to plan out a timeline. Take all of the aspects that need to be sorted and break them down into smaller chores. From here, you can schedule in time to ensure it all gets completed.

2. Your packing strategy

Your packing strategy should consist of tackling one room at a time. This ensures the process is organized and streamlined and reduces the chances of your forgetting to pack something. Also, it makes it easier to pack similar items into the same box, so that when you open them, you can unpack them into the same rooms.

One area where you don't want to cut costs would be the moving boxes you purchase. While they can seem like an unnecessary expense, having high-quality boxes will make a massive difference when you are actually moving your possessions.

The boxes that you find in grocery stores will not be sturdy or robust enough.

Additionally, purchase packing labels so that you can jot down a description of the contents of each box and the intended room for unpacking on the side.

3. Your need for help

Moving on your own is possible, yet it can be a miserable experience. One of your options is to ask your friends for a favor (perhaps bribe them with free food), but many people don't want to commit themselves to a full day (or several full days) of physical labor.

Instead, consider hiring professional movers. This is particularly necessary if you have delicate or precious items, or large furniture pieces such as a piano (in which case you want to hire your local piano removalists).

You will certainly benefit from having someone help you and your family through the process of moving, and it will help to ease a little bit of the stress on moving day.

Any good removalist will also know what vehicles are required to complete your apartment move as efficiently as possible and any other requirements that the building / building managers may have. For example, some buildings require a utility to be used to ferry your goods in and out of a basement.

4. Your requirement for a storage unit

More and more people are ascertaining that they require a storage unit. Perhaps you are downsizing your apartment, you have special items that need to be stored in a managed facility , or you just want to live with minimal possessions.

Whatever the reason, having a storage unit can help you maximize the space of your new apartment and can ensure you are living in a more organized way. 

If you do decide to rent a storage unit, make sure you are realistic about how much needs to be stored and invest the time necessary to pack your items suitably. Always look at taking out storage insurance, just in case!

5. Your stress levels

There are many reasons why people move, but regardless of the background story, there is likely always going to be some small feelings of grief about the upcoming transition. This is completely normal.

For this reason, throughout this process, it is crucial that you look after yourself and your stress levels and schedule some "me-time." 

Don't neglect your well-being, but instead maintain a consistent sleeping schedule, consume a wholesome, balanced diet, continue to exercise regularly, and also do things that make you feel good. This might mean reading each evening, having girls’ nights, or hiking on the weekend. Whatever it is, just do something, so you don't feel as though the move is taking over your entire life.

Have you moved apartments recently? What did you find helped make the move easier? What would you do differently next time? Let us know in the comments below!

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