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6 Practical Techniques for a Cleaner and Healthier Home

A home that is a sanctuary of wellness is the desire of every homemaker. However, if you are a busy parent, it may often prove difficult to find even just a couple of hours to clean the house. Most of the time, other demands just seem to be more important to take care of.

6 Practical Techniques for a Cleaner and Healthier Home

Here’s the thing though, creating a healthy home does not always require a lot of time. With 10- and 15-minute blocks of time every day, you can accomplish different tasks to put life at home in order. Also, with the right techniques, you will be able to manage household responsibilities better.

Ready to create a healthy home? Here are six easy and practical techniques you can use to make your home the healthiest place to be for your family.

1. Keep home items to a minimum

Put all the appliances, furniture, clothing and other possessions you do not use in a local storage company. The fewer items occupying space at home, the less taxing and faster you will have to clean.

2. Invest in segregated laundry baskets

Providing a laundry basket with different sections for whites, darks, colors and delicates for every member of the family will make laundry time easier. You’ll be able to do without the long process of grouping clothes to wash together on laundry day.

With these laundry baskets, collecting clothes to wash will be a breeze. You will have the washing machine loaded and running in under 10 minutes. These laundry baskets are about a meter wide but can easily fit in any room corner.

3. Team up with time-saving cleaning solutions

Bleach wipes, a car vacuum and a roll of thick adhesive tape – these are just a few clever cleaning tools to partner with.

Bleach wipes will allow you to quickly wipe off dirt and stains and disinfect surfaces. A handy car vacuum, meanwhile, can help you get rid of pet hairs, dust bunnies and dirt from the floor and your upholstered furniture. And a roll of thick adhesive tape can tackle deep-seated dirt in corners of the house, and the tracks of sliding doors and windows.

Having cleaning tools handy will allow you to clean effectively with the short amount of time you have.

4. “Edit” your pantry every time you’re cooking

When you’re simmering something or waiting for the pot of water to come to a rolling boil for your pasta dinner, direct your sight toward the pantry and “edit” its contents. Throw out expired items and lay out canned and packed food products that are nearing their expiry date.

Editing your pantry while cooking something can help with menu planning and food preparation in the future. At the same time, it will help ensure your pantry is easier to clean and less prone to pest or mold infestation.

5. Always clean as you go

Heading out of the house? Pick all the items you see that are not in their proper place. Cooking dinner? Wash the dishes while you are waiting for the meat to fry completely. Going to the post office to mail something? Pick up useless paper items on your table to put in the recycling bin outside your garage.

This tactic can certainly keep clutter in your house under control.

6. Do simple tasks right away

When you put off doing simple tasks, they morph into big burdensome tasks in your mind over time. Keep such chores what they naturally are – easy and simple to accomplish. You will find great reward in implementing this technique because the change is instantaneous and noticeable.

7. Get help

Delegate cleaning chores to members of the household. Not only will this lighten the load, but it will also inspire collaboration, responsibility and harmony in the home.

Most importantly, get expert help. Hiring the services of professional cleaners whether for regular general cleanings or for deep cleaning services will make home maintenance more efficient. And with the established system pro cleaners have, you'll have peace of mind from knowing your home will be a cleaner and healthier place to be after each service

When you hire professional cleaners, you get to save significant time and energy. You free yourself from time-consuming chores, translating to more time for incoming-generating activities for you, and/or quality time with your loved ones.

Implementing these practical techniques will make tidying up a less burdensome activity for you. Most importantly, by effectively managing clutter chaos and dirt, you and your family can get a whole lot of joy from staying home. You have a home where you can easily do what you want, while also being a visual delight and a physically and spiritually comforting place to be.

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