Wednesday, 16 May 2018

A Guide to Australia’s Finest Co-working Spaces

Co-working, or shared office space, is one of the more cost-effective methods by which businesses can save money. While it provides professionals with an amalgam of amenities, this office style presents professionals with the opportunity to engage with each other, and more importantly, it can be a source for much networking and collaboration. More significantly, this office style is a flexible one that allows businesses to relocate and expand easily.

A Guide to Australia’s Finest Co-working Spaces

For the Australian professional, shared working space allows them to work in some of Australia’s finest co-working spaces in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Canberra, in addition to places in the international community. However, if you are not familiar with how co-working works, you might not get the most value from this office style. Wary professionals on the hunt for appropriate office space need not fear maximising your office space potential.

Let’s take a look at few helpful tips to help you secure a lease in some of the best co-working spots Australia has to offer.


Office location and space are valuable commodities for all businesses, and the closer you are to the hub of business activity the more business you are likely to attract. For this reason, co-working is such a great option because it allows you to work on some of the most prestigious streets in the urban landscape. More importantly, location is important to determining whether you are near a metro station, near the business district and financial centres, or near industries similar to yours, which can also be sources of foot traffic.

Flexible Options

Some of the best co-working spaces have a number of options from which professionals can choose. Depending on the size of your space or the number of employees you have, you might need a space that will not only afford you the option of renting hot desks and dedicated desks, but you also might need access to private offices and meeting rooms.

Also important is being able to maximise your leasing options by being able to use office space internationally, and some co-working space leases do not have this kind of flexibility. While some of the smaller co-working spaces work for quaint little communities, a larger office solutions company can provide you with flexible leasing options that better fit your needs.

Industry Specific

Conversely, other co-working communities are great options because they cater to a particular niche. For example, a good portion of co-working spaces are leased by start-ups. In these co-working spaces, the focus is not only about workday experiences, but some of these little enclaves have also created a cocoon where entrepreneurial endeavours are nurtured.

Other co-working spaces target specific industries. For example, programmers might find themselves working in a few of the co-working spots devoted to tech industries. For businesses who need a little extra support, these types of co-working spaces are better for growing their business.


One of the most attractive qualities about the Australian business climate is that it does offer professionals the opportunities to unwind, and co-working almost encourages this convivial atmosphere. The wonderful quality about some of the better co-working outfits is they give professionals a sense of community. Whether it means sitting a ping pong table in the middle of the joint or providing a safe space where professionals can sound-off, the really good co-working spots tap into the human desire to socialise. More than just providing coffee in the morning, social co-working spaces provided numerous opportunities for professionals to connect.

Top-Notch Facilities With A Friendly Attitude

When considering co-working, there are a number of factors that make the experience outstanding. However, the above four can help you begin the search for a nice co-working set-up. Australia’s co-working scene is already hopping, and the only factor missing is you.

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