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Top 5 Frameworks of PHP – You Should Know

Choosing a better framework is quite essential for the successful development of various projects. PHP Framework, a platform that is used by developers to create web applications with speed and ease, it provides a complete structure. PHP web development Frameworks is designed to make typical tasks easier like Configuration and routing.  With best php web development framework you’ll end up saving lots of time.

Top 5 Frameworks of PHP – You Should Know

Importance of PHP Frameworks

PHP Frameworks enhances the level of your development process and are mainly used due to these significant causes-
PHP frameworks promote modern web growth practices e.g. object-oriented programming tools.
Speedy development and furnishes well-organized, maintainable and reusable code.

Ensure you with 0% worries about the low-level security of a site.

The proper following of the Modern View Controller pattern that separates presentation and logic.
An Ideal PHP framework 2018 must have the given elements- Efficiency, protection of password, wide range of features, time-saving easiest codes, easy learning, most preferred by other programmers in previous years, widely used, be able to implement on either CLI or CGI, server-side scripting codes be usable  on all the operating systems.

There are many types of a framework designed providing effective access to particular coding language. The 5 top must have PHP frameworks for 2018 that you should definitely know are-

1. Laravel PHP Framework
Laravel is one of the finest and complete PHP frameworks which is developed to quickly construct the web applications using MVC architecture. Laravel is currently occupied with the huge developer community and the only framework to introduce routing in an abstract way and is one of the most popular PHP frameworks. It has various packages, the lightweight Blade template engine, ORM, unit tests, RESTful controllers. It handles the NoSQL structures like MongoDB or Redis.

2. Phalcon – A Full Stack Framework
Phalcon is loaded with magnificent features such as security, translation, asset management, caching, universal auto-loader and many others. Due to C-extension delivery; its architecture is optimized at low levels which considerably reduce the overhead typical of MVC-based apps. Decreases resource usage and boosts execution speeds.

3. Symfony Framework for Developer
Symfony has been used by many large corporative houses like BBC and Open Source projects such as Drupal content management system, eZpublsih and laravel also relies on it. It is assisted by the French SensioLabs and has been evolved by them. The developer community has made it an outstanding framework. Symfony is known as a very strong, well-researched, persistent and modular project.

Documentation is enormous as equal as its wider developer community is. The Symfony website has a great section where you can take a glance at the project's developers achieved with the help of this easy framework.

4. CodeIgniter Powerful PHP Framework
It is an ideal PHP framework designed to assist in developing web applications quickly. It is not heavier in weight around 10 years old (initially released in 2006). And its framework is easy to utilize, with a small user base that can be installed quickly by downloading it directly to your host. Not any special command line or software installations are required. Download all the allied files and you are all set to go. Very minimal configurations are required for its installation process which makes it hassle-free.

It is not firmly based on the MVC development pattern. One can use their own coding and naming conventions proves that this framework gives freedom to its developers. At the time of downloading, it will appear to you that it’s of only 2mb, a lean framework but allows third-party plug-in if required complicated formalities.

It has awesome features like built-in libraries for unit testing, sessions, email, form validation etc.
CodeIgniter is favored by an academic university that is: the British Columbia Institute of Technology, helps in making sure about its development and growth.

5. CakePHP Framework
Cake PHP among the most popular PHP frameworks is a decade old, the very first version was released in 2005 is always updated with changing time.

Premium Support is also an option to exercise by developers who choose to use CakePHP by using the Cake Development Corporation. It has increased the capacity of the websites of big brands like BMW, Hyundai, and Express.

It is one splendid tool that is excellent for creating web applications for creating web apps that require a high level of security, as it has no. of in built security characteristics such as SQL injection prevention, CSRF (cross-site request forgery) protection, input validation, XSS (cross-site scripting) prevention, and many others.

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