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7 Traditional Methods to Predict Your Fate

The human race has always shown immense interest in knowing their destiny. They are keen to learn what lies ahead in their lives, in general as well as in specific spheres such as career, health, love, and more. After all, it is better to have an idea of what is in store and be prepared for the future. Though no one can make predictions that guarantee to be true in the coming times, there are people who can actually foresee and foretell things with a considerable degree of accuracy. Over the years, several methods have been devised to get predictions of the future. Let us reveal the most widely used traditional methods to predict your fate accurately.

7 Traditional Methods to Predict Your Fate

1. Western Astrology

Western astrology is based on the zodiac signs that are decided according to a person’s date of birth. There are a total of 12 zodiac signs and each one is associated with specific personality traits. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces are the twelve zodiac signs. These are segregated into four elements, namely fire, earth, air and water. Though these signs generally define a person’s behavior and characteristics, this astrological system goes beyond generic and provides personalized birth charts too.

2. Chinese Astrology

Chinese astrology is regarded as the oldest method of divination as it has been used for centuries to give accurate predictions related to the future. The system is closely associated with the Chinese philosophy that defines the principles of yin and yang as the foundation of fortune telling. The personality traits of people, under this system, depend on their Chinese animal sign which is determined on the basis of the Chinese year of birth.

3. Vedic Astrology

Another age old system used for foretelling the future is Vedic astrology. This system considers the exact date, time and place of birth to draw personalized astrological charts for every native. The chart is based on the planetary positions when the person is born. The current and future planetary positions are calculated mathematically to make predictions related to the future. These calculations are very complex and involve planetary cycles and mathematical formulae to predict with accuracy.

4. Tarot Cards

Tarot is a divination system that is shrouded by mystery in the context of the time and place of its origin, yet is accepted for its amazing reliability. People all across the globe strongly believe in the capability of the magical deck of cards to predict what life holds in store for them. The results, however, greatly depend on the expertise and experience of the reader you choose to give you a reading with tarot cards. This powerful system not only gives you an idea about life ahead but also empowers you to make better decisions with intellect and wisdom.

5. Numerology

Numerology, as the name suggests, is the study of numbers to determine the personality, strengths and weaknesses, obstacles, inner desires and emotional needs of a person. A numerology reading can help you uncover the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and also suggest solutions for the problems that you may face. This predictive science shows the big picture as it reveals the diverse aspects of your persona and makes you aware of your own strengths and capabilities.

6. Palmistry

Palmistry is an astrological that traces its roots India over 3,000 years ago. A palmist has a look at the lines and markings of your palm to give you a prediction for the future. Each of the lines on the palm has a specific meaning and is related with a specific aspect, such as your personality, age, money, marriage, career and more. The position and length of these lines are used to understand these aspects and make a prediction accordingly.

7. Dice Fortune Telling

Like tarot cards, dice fortune telling is based on a gaming system. In a dice reading, two or three are rolled within a closed area at a time and read to predict the future. The reading is based on the numbers that turn up on the dice that land within the circle as well as those that land outside it. This is a complex system that requires a great degree of skill to give an accurate reading.

Despite the fact that the mankind has made commendable progress today, these systems are widely practiced and believed around the world. They have the power to give generalised prophecies and answer specific questions as well. If you want to plan a clear road map for the future, taking one of these readings is a great idea.

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