Monday, 22 October 2018

Role of Microbes in Human Body

Most part of the earth is made of microbes and the number of microbes on the earth is said to be ten times the number of stars shining in the sky. This means that the microbes are an important part of the earth and will continue to remain so. Microbes are organisms which make us sick but they are much more important as well. They are organisms with a single cell and are classified into Viruses, bacteria, Archaea and Eukaryotes.

Role of Microbes in Human Body

It is important to understand the difference between bacteria and human cells. Bacteria do not have nuclei with DNA stored in it and human cells have the same. Additionally, bacteria perform different functions in the human body like the release of vitamins or proteins and are also responsible in getting you sick. It is not possible to distinguish them by their looks and can only be distinguished by their function.

Role in the environment

Every microbe has a range of environmental functions. These microbes are responsible for the recycling of nutrients in the environment and play a crucial role in the carbon cycle. They decompose the dead materials and release these nutrients back into the soil. Further, they are also responsible for the nitrogen cycle which allows the plants to grow. They help keep the water clean by forming non toxic compounds with toxic substances and make it safe for use. Microbes also consume oil that has been put into use in order to clean up the oil spills in the sea.

Role in the human body

The oldest form of life on earth, microbes have evolved year after year. There is a complex interdependence between humans and microbes. The human body provides the perfect condition for the microbes to survive and the microbes prove essential for good health and well being for the humans. The interactions between the two help in the survival of both the parties. Human beings hold 100 trillion microbes each and it is important to note that no two people can have the same microbiota. Microbes are present in different organs in different individuals. The ones that are found in the gut are not the same as those present on the skin or on the reproductive duct.

While many believe that microbes damage the body and have an impact on human health, they are actually essential for the body to function effectively. Certain microbes like pathogens are attributed to the discomfort and sickness but there are a number of microbes that a human body cannot function without. You can learn more about the same on and get some interesting information about human body and microbes. It is microbes which build the human body and also changes as and when you age.

They help in digestion by releasing enzymes and also produce essential proteins and vitamins for the efficient functioning of the human body. Microbes are essential for sustaining good mental health. They have the ability to influence the mood and thought processes of every individual. They will keep the body active and ensure that every part of the human body is in sync. The individual microbe formulation is not the same for one and all, it varies based on the diet, place as well as medical history. The varied set of bacteria present inside your body ensure that you are mentally and physically healthy.

In order to increase the necessary microbes in the human body, it is important to consume certain foods and pave way to better health. Different types of fermented foods like pickled cabbage, bananas and live yogurt help increase the presence of fungi in the body and improve digestion. External supplements are also available which help you in the removal of the toxicity from your body and will ensure that only the good bacteria remains. The supplements supply the bacteria to your gut and it sticks to the walls of the gut which is beneficial for your health. The medicines can eliminate any stomach upset or indigestion and is useful for individuals of all age groups.

Understanding the importance of microbes inside your body will help you choose healthy food options and use supplements which improves the good bacteria in your gut. The bacteria will play a crucial role in the health and wellbeing. You need to choose foods that are ideal for the gut and improve digestion. Make well informed and conscious decisions so that you can build a healthy relationship with the food you intake. 

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