Thursday, 27 December 2018

Deep Learning vs. Machine Learning – The Essential Differences You Need To Know!

Machine learning is one of the most talked about trends in the business world today. Every business owner wants to incorporate machine learning in some way or the other into their business so that they can benefit from it. While machine learning was still catching up, the introduction of deep learning suddenly came through and business owners started to drift their focus from machine learning to figure out how they could benefit better from deep learning. If you are confused about machine learning and deep learning and you don't really know which one you should choose, then you need to first understand the machine learning and deep learning difference in order for you to choose something that will benefit your business in the best possible manner.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a computer program that helps to perform something based on the measures that you have entered into the system. It may sound little confusing at the start but to put it down in simple words, a machine learning process can help you to understand a certain graph or diagram. It can help you to filter out various possibilities and helps to identify fraud and can also work really effectively in the collection of data in the right manner.

Machine learning can also help in making predictions based on the questions that it is asked. This is why machine learning is most suitable for businesses that are into customer service. Most of the answers for customer service are pre-fed into the system and all the machine learning needs to do is spell out these answers at the right time. It can also help determine the weather conditions in various cities and countries and help you to plan your travel accordingly.

Deep Learning

Deep learning is a little different from machine learning and while deep learning has been derived from Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, it is more complex. Not only does it have the power to provide you with the right answers but it also has problem solving abilities which work well for businesses that are more complex in nature and require a little more than simple solutions.
Deep learning has the ability to identify objects based on its size, shape and specifications. It also helps to figure out answers to various questions. While deep learning may seem very complex to understand it does a lot more than machine learning and it can be used to replace humans when it comes to taking a quiz or solving a question for a business interview.

Difference Between Machine Learning And Deep Learning

One of the most significant differences between machine learning and deep learning is that machine learning bases its performance on the scale of the data and it is completed dependent on the algorithm that the data provides. If the data that is provided to machine learning is not very large then its performance will be small and it won't be able to give you the results that you are seeking. Deep learning on the other hand manages to provide you with calculative answers even with a small amount of data that is provided. It helps to hand craft scenarios based on various data accumulation processes and check them together to provide you with something that makes sense.

Hardware Required

While you don't need a high end system for machine learning to work well, deep learning algorithms require very high end machines that need to run smoothly and constantly in order for you to get the desired results out of it. If your business is not a large business and you would like to incorporate some sort of artificial intelligence then it would make more sense for you to choose machine learning over deep learning because this process will help to be more fruitful and you won't have to spend as much money. The kind of service that machine learning provides should not be underestimated because machine learning has proved to be very beneficial even in the finance sector which is a secure sector. For deep learning you require a lot of CPU space because there is constant matrix multiplication that takes place and that cannot be done on a simple system.


Machine learning is simple and user friendly which means that you don't have to have a special team of engineers working on the process in order for it to run smoothly. Your current team will be able to handle machine learning just as they were handling it manually without major changes to the workflow. Deep learning on the other hand requires a team of highly skilled professionals who understand how it works and exactly what needs to be done in order for it to function smoothly. Not only will you have to spend a lot of money on the installation of higher end machines but you also need to hire professional that could cost you more money.

Deep learning is usually something that proves to be more beneficial for people who are involved in a lot of automated processes and require large systems to function.

Problem Solving

If you thought that you needed to invest in deep learning in order to solve problems then you may want to consider trying out machine learning as well. With the right algorithm, machine learning can provide you with solutions that will help your business run smoothly. However if you are looking for solutions without investing too much time then deep learning is something that can help you solve your problems end-to-end without wasting too much time. At the end of the day, both machine learning as well as deep learning are highly beneficial but it depends on what kind of services you are looking for and what you think will suit your business the best. It always makes sense to take your time and research about the various artificial intelligence systems that you can incorporate into your business before you take the plunge.

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