Sunday, 16 December 2018

Endless Ways in Which iPhone is better than Android!

We have always one time or the other done a good debate on what is better either iPhone or Android! But nobody ever seems to come to a conclusion. Both android and apple products are always in competition with one another and no doubt they are nothing less than the other.

Now, if you are too planning to buy a new gadget then you are going to research the internet for finding the better option but with all the reviews available online you will get confused with the specifications. Being an iPhone user and also an android user, I can give you clear picture about how my experience was with the two phone sets.

You do not have to be a geek or a technology freak in order to understand the difference between the two.

Let us begin:

Really easy to use Interface

iOS seems to be a lot easier to use than any other Android phone. iOS has no app drawers that means all the apps can be easily located on the main screen. Also, when you buy an android there are a lot of useless apps that are present in the Android that you will get with the phone but in the case of Apple products there is no baggage of the useless apps. You get the best and only those apps that will help you in your daily jobs.

Timely and frequent OS updates

Whenever there is any need and update required you will get it if you own an iPhone and if that update is not supported by your phone you will get to know that too. Whereas in the case of the Android phones it solely depends upon the manufacturer to push those OS updates. So this way android phones still lack a lot behind the iPhone.

Get the best applications on iPhone

You get the best applications on the Apple iPhone and its various products. The high quality games land on the iOS platform first and later on they are made available on the android products or the play store. Instagram which is the current fad was first available only on iPhone and after two years it was made available to the android users. So, with an iPhone you get the best because of the features it has and also the best applications due to iOS.

Overall Performance

The overall performance of the android phones is really good. It boasts high ram, octa core processor and high quality GPU but with time all the things start creating problems as the system slows down and then the problem of hanging of the operating system happens and due to which it gives poor performance. However, with iPhone you do not face this problem you get really smooth performance and consistently good performing apps. The power and the capability of the iOS with the dual core processor is much greater than the any android phone. It can beat the performance of any high end software with the way it runs the apps, performs smoothly.

Great camera performance

No one has till date been able to beat the features of an iphone. No matter what they promise on ads the clarity and the real life experience is superb. You will get the pictures as beautiful as if it has been clicked from a DSLR. In low light or harsh day light you will not miss on the colors and the beauty and you will be left bewildered thinking how good can pictures look.

Great Customer Support

The attention, importance and the service you get while you go to buy an iPhone the same kind of attention you will get in case you face any problem. And the service centers, retailers, workshops are present everywhere across the country. If the problem is major and sometime even in the minor cases without any problem the company will change your phone set (including that it is in warranty period) you can exchange your defective phone set with a new one.

So, have you now made any plans to buy an iPhone? You must have surely. But, the only thing that will bother you a bit is going to be the price! Right? Now, that thing is sorted too. As you can own any apple product, how? You can Buy Refurbished iPhone 7, 7 plus, 8, 8 plus, SE online at really very reasonable prices. 

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