Thursday, 20 December 2018

Hastelloy C276 Pipes & Tubes Are Going To Play a Major Role In Pulp Paper Production

 Pulp and paper industry uses wood as the important raw material to offer the quality pulp, paper and other cellulose by using the right and bleaching vessels as well as the digesters. If you come to make use of the bleaching vessels are wood pulp is bleached and making the best appears whiter. on the other hand digester are in the form of the wood chips which are heated to the have high level of the temperatures with the presence of sodium hydroxides and also sodium sulfide to have great change into the pulp by the dissolving the lignin binder. Here both white and back liquors contained in this cooking process are well corrosive product which can attack the wall of the internal parts. Here the above process has chloride as well as the chlorine based materials and much more. on the other hand Hastelloy alloy c276 pipes and tubes build with the first class corrosion resistance in the huge part of the chloride environment and it has both acidic and also alkaline that create best option for the bleaching the vessel and also digester material with no trouble of it. Kalpataru Piping Solutions is Renowned Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporters of Hi-Quality Hastelloy C276 Seamless Pipes & Tube Products in India.

Hastelloy C276 Pipes & Tubes Are Going To Play a Major Role In Pulp Paper Production

Here the c276 plate as well as the sheet material is consider as the austenitic nickel molybdenum chromium alloy and it has additional of the tungsten . Due to its supper range of the corrosion resistance, it is applicable for the environment and faces the high level of the temperatures and also high range of chloride content. This alloy has shown to withstand higher chloride level which has other stainless as well as the other grade of nickel alloy. Though it is build with the resistant to chloride stress corrosion, crevices corrosion and other common corrosion. Here the alloy C2 76 is also suitable to make use f the oxidizing atmospheres up to 1900 °F. On the other hand it is one of the resist corrosion in the cut down risk in the environment. This plate and pipe are quite easy to go for the welded, hot and cold formed. On the other hand it has resisted pitting and it is one of the best and outstanding options for the bleaching and digester construction of its ability to resist corrosion at the high temperatures.

It is available in the form of the bar, plate, pipe fitting, welding wire, pipe and tube so it will be more comfortable for the industries to make use of such product for the different usage. It is number of the versatile corrosion resistant alloys found in the market and it has excellent resistance in the huge range of the chemical process such as the ferric as well as the cupric chloride, hypochlorite and also other brine with no risk of it. It has low carbon content that can reduce grain boundary carbide precipitation at the time of the welding to the maintain resistance to the corrosion part of the heat part of welded joints. This resistance is to localized like pitting and stress corrosion cracking and much more.

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