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10 Cool Hairstyles for Men - Every Men Should Try

The perfect identifier of a man’s success is his hairstyle. Hairstyle symbolizes class, wealth and sophistication. Few hairstyles from the age of the Roman’s has proved to be timeless. Those cuts have somehow managed to transcend through time. If you are looking for a trendy haircut then you are in the right place. Get a facelift today. Try Greatclips Coupons to get discounts on your next cut. They have got a range of best stylists near you.

10 Cool Hairstyles for Men Every Men Should try

1. High fade Quiff:

High fade Quiff

This one is just perfect for Baxter’s fans. This particular style has been a super chartbuster under men’s Haircut. The cut fades to a minimal on either of the sides as well as in the back. As it moves up it pays emphasis on messy textures. You will look stunning if you prefer messiness with a touch of clean sides.

2. Messy Undercut Hairstyle 

Messy Undercut Hairstyle

The faded undercut takes a blurry fade to the next level. It is a perfect mixture of a classic undercut and messy hair. The disconnected hairstyle along with messiness works well for thick hair. The classic undercut silhouette shaves down single line extending back from the temple. The hair on top is untouched from medium to long to give you leverage to flip it back. Note to bring a picture to your barber to avoid confusion. You can also grab awesome deals from greatclips Coupons for your favorite cut.

3. Modern Back Slicked

Modern Back Slicked

Slicking the hair back has managed to transcend through time. It is one of the most popular hairstyles men are trying in 2019. The Modernism added to it gives it a never before edge and mind flattering look. The hair on the sides is left to small slightly fading as it goes down. The hair on the top is left natural. Not that natural of coarse, the hair has been brushed and blown backward to show up a stunning look. Shiny hairs are not preferable. You can definitely apply some matte pomade for maximum output. Wish you a stunner look.

4. Side Parting

Side Parting

The name seems old school, right. Now side parting has flown to a different level. It just depicts a style statement with simplicity. If Neat and slick hairs are your choice then you can definitely try this out. The hair is faded along the sides step-by-step and given a perfect seat in the middle with lengths ranging from medium to long. It is preferable to have a shiny hair for top-notch looks. You can apply some shiny pomade and use a blow dryer to set your look of the day.

5. Textured pattern 

Textured pattern

Super coolness is all around. If you want to experience the ‘Super Cool’ tag then this short textured haircut is a must try. It has got a lot of flow right from the front to back ranging with different sizes. This particular textured haircut is more flexible in presenting style statement as you have numerous options to switch within various styles. Don’t forget to get this done at a discounted rate by using Coupons by great clips. You can comb it neat and clean or leave it in a messy fashion.

6. Spiky Quiff

Spiky Quiff

One of the most popular trends a couple of years back, the craze is still booming. You must remember the time when spikes were the new words in every kid around. The traditional spikes have got an extra edge with quiff added to it. It is definitely on the shorter side and became widely popular when stunner David Beckham wore this newbie. The faded sides with textured spikes on the top turns another stone in the style industry. You can use a medium to strong hold pomade to set this right on its place. With this new look, you can definitely turn heads when you step out. Wish you the best !

7. Curly Flat Top

Curly Flat Top

Don’t worry curly hairs, we have an exclusive hairstyle for you too. Curly hairs are themselves a symbol of uniqueness. Sometimes it is hard to find the alternative to change the style from the conventional curls. The problem is solved. We have this new Curly Flat Hairstyle for the round ones. The perfectly sculpted sharp edges along with sides kept in the range from short to a mid fade is what you are looking for. The conventional curls limited on the top with additional styling on the sides can make you rock the stage. Also, use greatclips coupons for additional discounts on this top end popular cut.

Men always try to experience newness. This is achieved by mixing several facelifts and experimenting to bring out the best of everything. We present you some of the new mixed styles which has done very well in the popularity bar.

8. Low fade along with a slick Side Part

Low fade along with a slick Side Part

This one is one of my personal favourites. A perfect blend of trendiness with Class. The sides are kept medium to low fade while coming downside. This helps in keeping the partin in place and definitely high on the style statement. The back is kept at a consistent short to low fade. The top is kept from medium to long giving away a slick parting on either sides. You will definitely want to try this combi. Go ahead, happy styling!

9. High Fade with add on to medium hair

High Fade with add on to medium hair

This Super versatile cut is both easy to style and good looking. You have choices to prefer from including to side part it, style a pomp, push it back or just wet it and let it dry naturally. Everything will just flow thereafter. To get this stunning look perfectly you can use medium hold pomade and leave your hair dry. Or you can blow dry your hair if it comforts you. The choice is yours. Good luck with this perfect blend.

10. Short Curly with Drop fade

Short Curly with Drop fade

Another mixture of short curls on the top along with fading step-by-step aka Drop fade. This haircut is summer perfect. It can work with any hair type thick or thin. The top hair is cut short with cool looking drop fade down to the skin. A disconnected beard gives it an extra edge and is definitely a good choice. Try something new this summers. Don’t forget to checkout fabulous deals from greatclips coupons, you will definitely give it a shot.

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