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Escape Addiction Forever With NC Treatment Centers

Approximately, 6% of all reported death cases in the world are caused by alcohol abuse.  Not even a social status or affluence can keep one from becoming a victim of such an avoidable reason for death. Legalization of alcohol makes it easy to find and hard to control (consumption). If for no other reason, the danger alcohol poses to our liver as well as the risk of loss of control while drunk is of great concern. However, its worse when one becomes addicted.

Drug addiction is equally as dangerous as alcohol addiction. Whether inhaled, smoked, consumed or injected, drugs are capable of causing serious changes to a person’s physiology and even psychology. Although the reason for indulging in drugs can be related to the environment and things happening around an individual, substance abuse can be detrimental to anyone.

If you're addicted, don’t ever think you're alone. Maybe you never knew but at least 10% of the American population are victims of addiction, just like you.

Whether you're addicted to alcohol or drugs or some other dangerous substances, the last thing you should do is blame yourself for your addiction or for the inability to fight off the condition. There are factors responsible for this condition that are way out of a person’s control – favored behavioral patterns, upbringing and of course, the effects of the environment.

Don’t think you're in the worst state of addiction – no matter how bad it is. I assure you that someone, somewhere, is suffering or has suffered worse.

No matter your addiction level, you can be free forever! Just don’t give up.

If you're in North Carolina and suffering from this ailment, you might just be considered ‘fortunate’ because there are a plethora of addiction treatment centers in the state.

Or maybe you're just concerned about a loved one who is battling addiction.

All you have to do is put a call through to one of our NC treatment centers to receive reliable services and counseling.

What Addictions are Most Common?

Most common drug addictions are meth, crack and cocaine addiction.

There are many addiction treatment centers in NC, each person has needs that need to be attended to. In fact, there are unique strategies carried out by the different facilities to fight this ailment.

If you're addicted to painkillers, the rehab process might be slightly difficult. Treating addiction to painkillers is only possible if done by professionals. Trained individuals who can decipher the difference between the right dosage for treating pain from drug abuse that leads to addiction.
Some patients in this period experience severe sweat bouts and diminished energy levels because their body needs the drugs to function.

Treatment Facilities

Fighting addiction is not just about taking the abused substance off the shelf. It involves providing a serene environment, coupled with some greatly effective therapies, good food, and medical provisions.

Some facilities have what is called ‘Beach Side’ recovery. It’s especially for the affluent who want to blend rehab with luxury.

Wilderness Recovery rehab facilities are often situated in the woody regions of NC. These facilities are built to have two wings; one for men and the other for women. Their programs are often a 90-day inpatient program.

There are also the ‘City Solid Recovery’ facilities that are found in the bustling North Carolina city center. Although such rehab centers tend to be small, they do offer inpatient programs and improve overall interaction with members of the staff.

Lastly, there are the NC ‘Countryside Recovery’ centers. These centers are perfect for the treatment of addiction and substance abuse. Whether victims need a holistic or alternative approach towards their escape from addiction, the countryside recovery facilities welcome everyone.

Addiction treatment at NC Treatment Centers

A victim of addiction is either subjected to an inpatient or outpatient program. For addicts with minor issues or first-timers, an outpatient program is usually advised. This frees up time for them to get to their job and do other things before coming for their treatment services. Sometimes, the outpatient program is viewed as a step out of the residential treatment program.

In inpatient addiction treatment program, the patients are taken care of with specialized medical treatment options. Inpatient offers primary care, which is the way of stabilizing victims in the early recovery. However, patients with the need for extended care may spend several months in the facility. It should be noted that patients with serious medical and mental conditions are placed within this program.

Halfway houses

After going through the inpatient program, addicts are encouraged to embrace sober-living. Halfway houses allow them to live with other individuals who are going through the process of recovery but under strict supervision. The environment is often free of alcohol and drugs.

For those with a long history of addiction or crime involvements, therapeutic communities are best.
Here, individuals are taken through the process of socialization all over again. The structure of treatment provided by therapeutic communities is aimed at helping a person be more accountable, social, and productive in the community.

Who can be admitted into NC treatment centers?

Alcohol and substance abuse issues effect the greater majority of adults. Although, there are youth rehab centers, most addiction treatment centers treat young adults from the age of 18 and older.
NC treatment centers also offer single or group sessions and family therapy.

Final thoughts

Whether you or your loved one is battling addiction, the best time to reach out for help is now – immediately! Some addictions can be difficult to spot during the early stages such as the use of painkillers and drugs. However, if you get the slightest suspicion, you should monitor your loved one closely and contact a rehab center today.

Despite America ranking highest in the table of drug abuse in the world, North Carolina treatment facilities can help you get your life back. 

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