Thursday, 17 January 2019

Top 10 Direct Loan Lenders in the UK 2019

Choosing a reliable lender is like finding a needle in the haystack. Even though several lenders advertise themselves as the best lender, many borrowers end up with a never-ending circle of debts. While applying for a loan through the internet has been plain sailing, picking the lender offering affordable interest rates is not that straightforward. Well, if you have been teed off mulling over the best loan company, here are the top direct lenders in the UK.


It is a payday loan company, which offers loans varying from £300 to £1000. Unlike other direct lenders, this company allows you to pay the whole of your debt within three months, which does not put burden of lump sum payments. It also acts as a broker and links you with consumer credit companies, which disburses amount for longer terms that can sustain up to three years, in case it fails to approve your loan application.


Authorised by FCA, Uncle Buck is one of the renowned short-term loan companies that has been trading since 2004. Having served millions of Britons, the company has gained knowledge to serve you what you deserve. The disbursal limit is decided after careful examination of your affordability to prevent you from falling into the trap of debt spirals.

Buddy Loans

Buddy Loans disburses short term loans up to £1500 that you can repay over the period of 18 months. With no broker fees and upfront fees, you have a chance to pay your debts in instalments. Considering that lump sum payment strains your budget, the lender lends money at affordable interest rates. The best part of these loans is no prepayment fees are charged in case of earlier settlement. You can use these loans to rebuild your credit history. 

A One Loans

A One Loans lends money at the most competitive APRs. Terms for short-term loans range from 1 year to 5 years. With a simple online application process and no broken fees, you can take loans for any small or longer purposes. If you have any doubt about your paying off capability, A One Loans will guide you to decide on what is the right borrowing limit for you.

Santander UK

Santander is the largest retail and commercial bank in the UK providing mortgages at the best interest rate across the UK. Apart from secured loans, the group also provides personal loans to finance your emergency needs. The maximum limit of these loans is up to £25000. 

Easy Loans UK

Easy Loans UK allows you to borrow up to £15000. However, as a reliable lender, the company will consider your affordability to make sure that you do not fall into multiple debts. Easy Loans UK does not hesitate to provide you with financial assistance even if you are unemployed and living on benefits.


Barclays is one of the most prominent British multinational investment and financing companies. It lends and protects money for its customers.


PiggyBank provides short-term loans on easier terms and conditions. You can borrow up to £1000 for a period of 35 days maximum. However, you can take instalment loans if you want it for a long time. In this case, the maximum disbursal time is 5 months. You will get affordable interest rates even if you have a bad credit.

British Lenders

British Lenders also provides short-term loans for a period of two to three months depending on the amount. The maximum disbursal limit is up to £1000. You will not be levied late payment fees even if you make defaults. However, interest amount will be added to your debt. Pixie Loans do not lend to the unemployed.

Funding Circle

Funding Circle provides loans to help your business thrive. Whatever the reason you need for finances, this loan company will provide you funds at affordable interest rates. Funds are disbursed after considering your creditworthiness.

Summary: Easy Loans UK is one of the top direct lenders, providing short term loans at the most competitive interest rates. 

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