Friday, 8 February 2019

Higher Education: The Path to develop a Career

Education is considered as one of the biggest strengths in shaping one’s career. The kind of education we receive is what that makes road for us to build a career and succeed in it. The basic education that we receive in school is more like a foundation to build a house, but the higher education we receive in college or universities is like the actual house that is being built. Higher education is the college level education that is taken by a student in a particular domain of his/ her interest. Each domain consists of different paths to take and succeed in life. For example, A dancer might not take the same lessons as an engineer does. Some of the basic domains that are available for students to choose after their secondary education are:

Higher Education: The Path to develop a Career

● Arts: The field of arts is a wide umbrella that spans different kinds of art under it. This stream is more like exploring one’s talent through education. There are different kinds of arts like performing arts which includes dance, music, painting, drawing, etc., culinary arts which explores the talent of cooking in a person, liberal arts which include all languages, environmental subjects, history and general arts. Arts as field of education is believed to provide utmost satisfaction to students pursuing it with passion.

●  Science: As a stream of education science is believed to be very vast. It contains many fields like biology, physics, chemistry, psychology, geology, mathematics, electronics, pharmacy, etc. Science is considered to learn what nature has offered and explore new things.

Commerce: Every bright mind in today’s world has an idea to be changed into a business. Commerce is the field which offers education required to calculate, manage and develop a business. Management, Finance, Marketing are some of the streams that come under commerce as subjects. The commercial aspect of the world which involves goods, sales and services come under this stream.

Engineering: Being an application of science, engineering spans different kinds of fields under it like computer science, information technology, electronics, communication, civil, mechanical, automobile, biotechnology, etc. Science is nature but engineering is development or inventions. Engineers make the world advanced with new technologies that makes living easy. Learning technology and its implementation is engineering.

Medical: The medical field is considered as one of the greatest studies a student can pursue. Study of human body to treat the illness that occurs in humans is immense. Diagnosing, treating or preventing diseases in humans or animals is learnt in medicine and it is a very vast stream.

Law: To study the constitution and its rules to bring in justice and equality in the country, the field of law was established. Legal proceedings that take place in the court and elsewhere fall under the field called law.

These are some of the domains a student can take up after secondary education and each of these domains have wide range of options under them to be pursued. Education after school can be taken up in three levels. They are Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral studies.

The Undergraduate study awards a Bachelor degree to a student. It involves learning the basics of the domain as whole and learn less about a specific field he/ she wants to pursue. The Postgraduate study awards a Master degree to a student. It involves learning the field of interest under a specific domain in-depth. Doctoral studies award the Doctoral Degree to a student. The doctoral studies involve immense research and development in the field of study. Post-doctoral study is a level of study that is carried out by experts in any field which involves advanced research and development in their respective fields.

Despite having many domains and many institutions that offer courses under the domains, students are often under dilemma to choose between the courses and colleges to pursue education. To make it easy for the students to prefer what fits them right to build a career and which is the right place to pursue their education there are many online websites like Getmyuni,, CollegeDunia, etc. that provide counselling and statistics about various courses and colleges across India. The world runs on Internet today and such valuable information being available at any place and any time makes decision making for students quite easy. More and more of such student friendly applications are coming up to make students make decisions flexibly. The importance of higher education is growing and people are being to understand it and pursue it. 

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