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Thanksgiving Day 2019: Best and Worst Time to Travel

Thanksgiving is a traditional day celebrated in many parts of the world. Although it was initially an American holiday, it is now celebrated in different countries all around the globe. On this day, people gather around with their family members, relatives, and friends to pay thanks to everyone and have dinner together. There are also many things people who when they get together with their family and friends.

Thanksgiving Day 2019: Best and Worst time to travel

Originally an American holiday, Thanksgiving Day has now become part of customs of different traditions. Every year, American people celebrate this day to the fullest on every Fourth Thursday of November. Now that it is celebrated all around the world in different countries, this day has begun a lot of activities that people do. Some people love to host dinners for their loved ones, relatives and family members. Others find some time to thank the people around them and nature for the blessings. Some also take some time off from their work and social lives to travel with the people close to them such as their kids, parents, grandparents, and loved ones.

Thanksgiving: a little sneak peak

Thanksgiving Day celebration is actually based on the colonial Pilgrims’ 1621 harvest meal. People used to hold prayers after the harvesting period of crops, and it was a common practice in all religions. Originated from England, United States was the first to celebrate it and they adopted it from their own British Colonies. But today, due to the sanctity of this event, Thanksgiving is now celebrated by many around the world. Countries that officially celebrate this day as a holiday are United States of America, Canada, Germany, Japan, island countries in the Caribbean, and Liberia. However, with passing time many other countries are expected to make it an official holiday.

What should you do on Thanksgiving Day 2019?

Thanksgiving is a great way to clear your conscience and start over again. People do a lot of things to help others, host dinners, do charity and much more. However, Thanksgiving Day is not only about eating a turkey and doing things that help you to clear your morality. You should also try to clear your soul and eliminate stress from your own body because I believe that a person is only able to do great things if he or she is able to think purely with zero stress and a clear soul. So for this reason, you should also do things that help you to eliminate stress, tiredness, and reset your soul so that you can help others and do other amazing things for the betterment of society.

Welfare starts from your own self. And if you have done something to make yourself a better person, you will always inspire the world in a great way. So I believe that in order to help others, you need to help yourself. Traveling on the event of Thanksgiving is a perfect way to make that happen, and I highly recommend you to travel to a place where you find serenity and the state of bliss. Great things will follow in your life afterward.

Our ultimate traveling tip for everyone

I know that traveling can cost a lot, and when Thanksgiving Day is around the corner, airfares of every airline can spike up along with the rates of hotels. However, when there is a will, there is always a way. You can always look for cheap flights and cheap, suitable accommodation at any destination in the world by enhancing your search and barter skills. There are different travel agencies all around the world that offer not only great hotels in cheap rates for your accommodation but also flight tickets to anywhere at low cost. Last year, I was able to travel to Denmark in a very cheap flight as I availed a deal of a travel agency. I did this by comparing cheap flights to Copenhagen on an aggregator website. So if I can, why can’t you? Avail any discount that is presented and finds opportunities in every little thing.

But the timing of your traveling also matters a lot, and you have to very perfect with it in order to find one good and cheap flight and one great room in the lowest price possible. So for this reason, I am presenting you with my research about what is the best and worst time to travel to celebrate Thanksgiving Day at your desired destination. So read on and book your accommodation and flight with this research’s help.

Best and Worst time to travel in for Thanksgiving:

It is a sad reality of this amazing time of the year that airports turn into muddled nightmares when you are traveling for Thanksgiving Day. Although they experience the rush in the holiday season as well, Thanksgiving is an occasion that is coupled with different events such as Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and New Year. So you can only expect the chaos. But when you plan every detail, you can always avoid such issues with little effort.

Travel some time in advance before Thanksgiving Day

If you plan your trip little bit in advance of Thanksgiving Day, you may have a chance to secure some discount as well as enjoy a less crowded airport. You can also avail other benefits such as comparatively shorter queues for boarding, checking in, and security. You are also least likely to meet any delays when traveling sometime before Thanksgiving.

Cannot travel in advance? Don’t worry there is another way for you!

If you are not able to travel a bit in advance to Thanksgiving Day, you can always find an alternate day just before this day. By planning trips efficiently, you can easily travel even at the last minute. Actually, some research analysts have said that you are at an advantage if you have planned for the last minute travel as all the flights take off and land on time. But you may still face long queues before you are issued a boarding pass, along with waiting to clear long security lines as well as checking in.

Checking in on the internet before reaching the airport to save time

Today, you can do so much from your laptop at home, even get your boarding pass after checking in. this will save a lot of your precious time, and you just have to send your luggage in the boarding line. You can even find a suitable seat of your own liking in this way.

Book return flight with two or three day’s margin

When you are looking for your return flight home, it is imperative that you travel back after 2 or 3 days from Thanksgiving Day. This is the time period when you can find a good flight home from your destination, and all the processes such as immigration, luggage, boarding, security, and check-ins, will be completed in normal times. Otherwise, you will face long queues and crowds heading back almost everywhere.

Avoid traveling on a Sunday after Thanksgiving Day

Find a ticket to your home or any other destination a day before Sunday, i.e. Saturday, or after it on Monday or Tuesday. You will always find flight delays and even cancellations due to rush. You will also face long queues on everything. So avoid all that and plan a trip on Thanksgiving Day with proper preparation.

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