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4 Essential Things to Include in Your Company T-Shirt Design

Company T-shirts are great uniforms for businesses. They are comfortable to wear. Although they are casual by nature, when your employees wear them, they will demonstrate their pride in their company and exude team spirit.

More importantly, your team will be wearing something that effortlessly represents your brand, and will serve as an effective additional marketing tool.

4 Essential Things to Include in Your Company T-Shirt Design

Designing Your Company T-Shirt

Since company T-shirts can give your business several benefits, they are indeed worthwhile investments. However, your official company shirt should have the right design so that it can be more than just a uniform.

Before you start looking for a company that offers custom T-shirt printing services, make sure you have the perfect design for your T-shirt first. You can come up with this by taking account of the four important elements that should be in your design:

1. Brand logo

Your company logo is your number one branding tool. As such, it is important that this is integrated into the T-shirt design.

With your company logo on the team shirt, you will constantly remind people (your possible customers or clients) of your existence as a brand. And when they remember your brand, you will be on the top of their mind when they need your product or service.

2. Website and contact number

Aside from reminding people of the existence of your company, use your T-shirts to give them details on how they can contact you or know more about your company. You can do this by adding your website URL on the shirt.

Including your website address on the shirt is also an easy way of informing others of your company name. With the website URL on the design, you won’t have to squeeze in the full name of your company.

You can also add your contact number on the design if you want people to get in touch with you by phone.

3. Message

Today, most company T-shirts don’t only showcase the business Custom Logo and contact information. They also communicate a message such as a motto or catchphrase that is associated with or talks about the company, and speaks to the target audience.

To come up with the right eye-catching, catchy message to include in the design, consider your brand culture or voice first. Is it formal and traditional, or fun and trendy? Use this voice as the starting point for your message.

Next, consider your target audience. Think about their age group, work background, lifestyles, etc., to come up with a message that speaks to them.

Lastly, make sure the message will work with or complement the other elements of the T-shirt.

4. Interesting image

You can also add an image to your company shirts. However, make sure you choose one that complements or enhances the other elements of the shirt.

You can find out if your design would look better with an extra image or without it by trying out different versions. Create versions with the image placed in different areas of the design and ones without it. Next, decide on which version works best for you.

You can also ask your employees to vote on which design they prefer so that the ultimate choice will be based on the preferences of the majority.

Additional Tips for Ordering Customized Company Shirts

Here are some extra tips to help you have the ideal company t-shirts:

● Set a budget for your customized shirts. Determine the type of shirt you want before working on the design and shopping for the supplies. By doing so, you will be able to align your expectations with your budget.

● Select the right type of T-shirt. It should complement the message. Avoid too trendy options since they won’t work well for all body types and they may alienate your mainstream audience.

● Avoid cramming too many words and images onto the shirt. You will end up confusing anyone who is looking at the shirt.

● Make sure your company website is placed in an easily noticeable area of the shirt or design. Ensure it is big enough to be seen without people having to squint to see it.

● Choose a reputable printing company. Make sure your design will be printed beautifully and perfectly on the shirts by selecting a good printer. You can check a printing company’s capabilities by asking to see samples of their printed shirts.

● Give the right file to your printer. Once you’re ready to have your shirts printed, double-check to ensure you will be giving them a file of the final approved design. Ask your printer if they require a particular file format for the design as well so that they won’t encounter difficulties or delays in printing your shirts.

Company T-shirts require a substantial amount of investment, especially if you have many employees and you want good quality shirts. Make the most out of this investment by ensuring you have a great design as your company shirts will represent your brand.  

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