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5 Easy Ways to Wear Snake Print

5 Easy Ways to Wear Snake Print

Snake prints keep coming back into fashion every few years especially on the runways in both the spring/summer and fall/winter fashion seasons. Snake prints are a bold fashion known for its bold snakeskin like designs in different colors and patterns which can be used in various aspects of fashion. I love snake print as it is a very fashionable and trendy choice which instantly makes a person look chic and stylish. I wear snake print designs in a range of fashionable choices as they are a versatile print that is a good choice for both casual and party wear. The following are some of the easy ways in which I wear snake prints in different styles and looks:

Easy Ways to Wear Snake Prints


I love to wear different types of shoes for different occasions. Snake print shoes are a must have for anybody who is interested like me, in having a collection of different types of shoes. Snake print boots and sneakers are a great choice for casual and sporty looks. Exotic snake print high heel peep toes, sandals, and boots are all very popular with women all over the world. I like snake print flats as well and it is a great choice for slippers and ballet flats. Snake print shoes are a great way to add style to a plain outfit.


Many times I like to wear dresses, tops, and casual wear clothes without any prints and monochrome designs or clothes with just one or two colors. While wearing clothes like these, it is essential to accessorize these types of outfits with a subtle fashion choice like snake prints. Different types of belts with snake print are a great way to accessorize an outfit. Snake print jewelry; snake print buttons, snake print scrunchies, and snake print belts for watches are all very popular for casual as well as party wear. I like snake print designs in particular in scarves. Snake print pattern scarves are a perfect accessory to dresses and are very popular during the fall/winter fashion months.


To make an ensemble look stylish and chic, I often carry a chic snake print bag or purse which adds a fashion element to the look. Snake print purses, snake print clutches, snake print box purse, and snake print bracelet bags are all a good choice for formal or evening party wear. Snake print designs are also popular with tote bags, bucket bags, and snake print crossbody bags are all trendy and I believe a great choice for all kinds of occasions.

Skirts and Blouses

I personally love to wear different types of skirts with different types of tops and blouses. Top designers and fashion brands sell snake print silk shirts in different colors and designs. Button down silk blouses with long sleeves, in particular, are very stylish and available at major fashion stores. Snake print blouses should be paired with plain skirts and vice versa plain blouses should be paired with snake print skirts. Snake print miniskirts, midi skirts, A-line pencil skirts, wrap skirts, and bohemian style flowing maxi skirts are all stylish options for customers.


One of the top fashion choices for me when it comes to snake print designs is dresses. These dresses are absolutely stylish and chic choice and snake prints are a versatile choice for dresses. Snake print is a great choice for A-line dresses, bodycon dresses, sheath dresses, sundresses, wrap dresses, and slip dresses. I like snake print empire dresses, jumper dresses, and halter style dresses. For a more formal event, snake prints are also popular in mermaid style gowns and off shoulder and one shoulder gowns. From formal wear gowns to casual wear dresses, snake prints are a good choice.

Snake prints are available in stores and online shopping websites. This print is a popular trend and top designers often include them into their collections. I like snake print in different types of fabrics and colors but they look especially fashionable in darker tones and colors. Snake prints can be a daunting choice especially for women who like to play it slightly safe with their fashion choices. Adding snake prints initially in a small way to the wardrobe is I believe a great choice to start using this fashion before including them in a more prominent way.

Author Bio:
An MBA in marketing and finance, Agam founded TrimmingsAndLace as a chronicle to her everyday style and an outlet to the passion she grew up nurturing. Since 2014, her platform has been profiling relatable fashion and style looks for the regular Indian girl, aimed at educating the reader and rightfully influencing their decision as a consumer to a product or service.

In addition to the same, Agam also serves as a digital and life skills consultant to several prominent organizations like the UNFPA, IL&FS, Adobe India, Hyundai India, FICCI and the Ministry of Textiles. Agam is also Director Special Projects, U.P. Science Centre.

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