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6 Reasons Why Workout Should Be One of the Main Parts of Your Life

6 Reasons Why Workout Should Be One of the Main Parts of Your Life

Everybody harps on and on about how working out should be one of the most important things in your life. They say that everybody should do it, that you should work hard on making it become part of your schedule. However, besides the regular “it will make you healthier” or “make you feel better”, there aren’t that many arguments given on why this is ok. For this reason, we have taken the liberty of writing up this little article stating what exactly you should focus on, and why exercising is so important.

Mood regulation

First, we have a mood regulation. All that pent up stress and anger that arises from a regular day, it’s just not good for you. It needs to be released in one way or another, and exercising can be the healthiest way to do just that. Going out for a run, lifting weights, joining a martial arts Townsville dojo, all of these things can help let off steam. Not only that, but working out helps your brain release endorphins and serotonin, giving you a feeling of bliss and joy that will last long after your workouts are done. Namely, the great part about exercising is that this mood boost will, after a few weeks, carry on over to the rest of your life, even on days when you don’t work out.

Looking better

Let’s not beat around the bush here, working out regularly will help you look better, in many ways. First, with the right diet, you will lose some fat, and gain some muscle. It will tone you just right but will give you other benefits as well. Namely, regularly exercising means strengthening some muscles, and stretching others out. This, in turn, will improve your posture. Now, tell us, who looks better? A person slouching constantly, with slumped shoulders and a forward jutting head, or someone with their shoulders back, chin up, and chest out? And remember, poor posture isn’t just about looks. It can cause severe complications for your spine in the future and should be regulated as soon as possible. And that’s not all. If you exercise regularly, you will notice your skin will become nicer, your complexion healthier, and even your gait more steady.

You will have more energy

This may sound paradoxical, but you will get more energy the more you work out. Sure, at first, you will sluggish and tired after every workout. You will just want to sleep all day, to lay in bed and nurse your sore muscles. However, after you get used to it, you will feel more energetic, you will just have more energy to do things you want to do. We will point out two (of the many) reasons behind this.

First of all, your lung capacity will improve, your muscles will become stronger, and any daily struggle and effort you need to expend will become lighter and easier. It’s a simple, but very true fact. Secondly, you will become used to physical effort itself. Working out hard will teach you how to push your body forward when it really does not want to be pushed. You will teach yourself how to tap into energy you didn’t know you had. Think of it as like using the fuel you have more efficiently than ever before.

Improves sleep quality

With regular exercise, you will sleep much better, and you will fall asleep much faster. First of all, the obvious reason behind this is that you actually expended more energy, and so need time to recuperate. After all, just think of times when you worked hard all day when you spend all the time from the moment you woke up to the moment you finally sat down at home walking, being active? Now, remember how fast did you fall asleep that day? Well, with regular exercise, you can get a part of this feeling almost regularly.

Strengthens your brain

It has been proven that exercise makes your brain healthier and stronger. It stimulates the production of certain hormones that actually help your brain cells grow. It also gets more oxygen to your brain, and it reduces inflammation and oxidation. It has even been shown as increasing the size of your hippocampus, the part of your brain that is in charge of memory storage, and of learning.

Great way to socialize

Exercising presents itself as an excellent opportunity to socialise, to meet new people and make new friends. Whatever type of activity you choose, you are certain to find people who like doing the same thing. Taking up a martial art for example always means working with other people. The same goes for any team sport, obviously, but can also be important for other sports as well. Joining a yoga studio, or a spin class will help you meet new people, as will joining a gym.

You can work out with a friend for whom you just can’t find the time to hang out regularly. This can serve as a good bonding experience and a great way to catch up. On the other hand, you can just find a good trail, get a good bicycle basket and a nice backpack, fill them up with goodies, and share these goodies you meet on your mountain biking route. The possibilities are endless.


Working out should be one of the most important parts of your life. It improves everything, from your health to your looks, brain, your mood, even your social life. Just do it regularly, find something that you think is fun, and keep at it. If you stick with it, you get an amazing habit for life.

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