Tuesday, 19 March 2019

7 Ways to Change Your Lifestyle!

Life is full of ups and downs. There are moments to rejoice and other moments when you feel at a total loss. Life is meant to be enjoyed, to be celebrated, and explored. It’s an adventurous journey for each and everyone but the turns and twists may leave you feeling hurt. But do you know that you can take control of your life and come out strongly even out of the most difficult circumstances?

Your lifestyle is what determines the joy and the fulfillment you will derive from life. It’s not the surrounding situations or prevailing economic and social circumstances. The fulfillment is within not without.

7 Ways to Change Your Lifestyle!

If you are searching for ways through which you can change your lifestyle for better, then you don’t have to search any further.

Here are 7 key ways through which you can improve your lifestyle and create a more fulfilling life for yourself and those around you. Be sure to read up to the end.

1. Strive for Excellence Not Perfectionism

There is a lot of hype from friends, co-workers, and social media for perfectionism. You are pressured to deliver error-free work to your bosses, to have a perfect body shape, and a perfect smile. There is also a mounting pressure even from within to achieve personal goals, ditch bad habits, and even have a perfect relationship. All of these expectations make us unhappy. Though I’m not advocating for a careless life where you make all sorts of mistakes, I would recommend that you pursue excellence rather than perfectionism.

Excellence is about doing your level best. It’s about putting all into what you are doing and accepting the results of such efforts. You may not be able to achieve all your goals but ensure that you put your best efforts into your endeavors. Accept the final outcome and don’t weigh your mind with questions on why you couldn’t achieve more. Instead, ask yourself whether you put enough efforts into achieving the set goals. If you didn’t, prepare yourself and summon as much effort as you can into achieving the goals.

2. Learn to Accept Failure as Part of Life

If you want to change your lifestyle for better, then you will need to develop solid skills on how to manage failures. Failing does not make you a lesser human being. In fact, if taken positively, it makes you stronger and wiser. Changing your lifestyle will involve taking steps to improve on the various aspects of your life.

You will not always achieve your goals. Sometimes you will miss your target with quite a big margin. But these failures and upsets should not be a cause for worry. Celebrate that you are doing something about your life and soon you will be improving your whole lifestyle.

Don’t dwell on failures and what you couldn’t achieve. Instead, work on your failures and learn from mistakes. Make a habit of listing down your failures, identifying areas of improvement, and working to improve on such areas. It’s also important to learn that whenever you are taking action towards a certain end, there is a possibility of failure. Thus prepare your mind beforehand to handle such failure positively in case it occurs.

3. Move out of Your Comfort Zone

You can never change your life if you remain in your comfort zone. You will have to make a determined move to change your current routine, the way you do things, and take up new challenges. Naturally, human beings are resistant to change. But you may never realize your full potential if you stick with your current status.

Buy that bodybuilding apparel and hit the gym, go out and meet new people, change that diet or embark on that project which you have always feared that it will fail. Moving out of your comfort zone will mean that you will have to overcome your fears. Overcome the fear of failure, the fear of rejection and any other phobia which resides within you. It’s by doing this that you will realize a better lifestyle and discover new and exciting things in your life.

4. Improve Your  Health

Your looks inspire confidence, create inner peace, and give a sense of wellbeing. Your health is paramount in ensuring that you live a fulfilling and long life. You, therefore, need to take your health seriously. Have a wide variety of gym apparels to ensure that you are always equipped for workouts and join a gym in your local area. Eat healthily and avoid high carb foods, foods with synthetic chemicals, and go for organic foods. Experiment and see what works best for you and stick with it.

5. Learn to Accept Yourself and Know that You are Unique

Everybody is unique. It is, therefore, pure vanity to compare yourself with others. Your potential is different, the way you perceive things is also quite different, and your circumstances don’t match those of your friends. Don’t compare your weaknesses with the high points of your friends. Instead, learn to accept yourself and work to improve those areas which cause you discomfort.

Listen to the inner self and go for those things which bring out the best out of you. It could be as simple as buying yourself a unique piece of clothing such as the cotton maxi dress or even sparing some time to go for a trip to the nearest park. Anything which strengthens your uniqueness and brings the best of you should be embraced. Such efforts will create an enabling positive environment which will bring even more opportunities for you to realize your unique gifting and potential.

6. Identify What You Want in Life and Pursue it Relentlessly

There is always an inner longing in every person. That which if you do it gives you the maximum fulfillment and joy. Unfortunately, very few people pursue their inner longing and their true purpose in life. The chaos and the pressures around make them sink into an identity crisis and end up ignoring their life’s purpose. Be different. Pursue a worthy goal which if achieved will make you happy, guarantee you a more meaningful life, and will be in line with your tastes and preferences.

7. Surround Yourself with Positive People

Negativity kills ambitions, makes life miserable, and reduces the meaningfulness of life. Do yourself a favor and surround yourself with positive people. People who believe in you, who value you, and accept you the way you are. Spend as much time as possible with these types of people and make them know that you cherish the time you spend together.

Go for adventures together, show up on parties, and surprise one another with all sorts of gifts including exotic recipes, gorgeous apparels, and make each other feel appreciated and valued. Through this, you will discover the goodness of life, get a daily encouragement to deal with life’s challenges, and have a place where you can always get inspired to pursue your goals and ambitions.


It’s possible to change your lifestyle. A better lifestyle will give you more joy, afford you a sense of wellbeing, and help you to pursue and achieve your goals. Use the above pointers to work out your life and get a complete turnaround in every aspect of your life.

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