Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Peel Remote App is Enabling Inexpensive Smart Homes. Here's How

Home automation is not a new concept in India. It gained visibility in the 90s and started to gain popularity in subsequent years. Today, there is an increasing number of households that are showing an inclination towards the benefits of home technology. This growing interest can be gauged through a report by Research and Markets which says that the Indian home automation market is expected to exceed Rs. 30,000 crores by 2022. That’s some phenomenal sum!

Traditionally, home automation application has largely been limited to luxury homes where the homeowners could spare a significant sum towards it. Since home technology has remained quite expensive, it has discouraged a considerable size of the consumer market from adopting it. But here is good news. Now, home automation apps are making way for inexpensive smart homes. Peel smart remote is one of the most popular among such apps.

Peel remote uses IR-blaster of your Android phone and allows you to use it as a universal remote control which can operate a wide range of devices. Irrespective of the size of your house, you can easily set it up and configure.

Given below are the ways how Peel delivers new-age home automation at a price you’ll gladly pay.

Grouping controls

You may be using several devices at a time at your home and automation allows you to turn them all on or off at once. But Peel remote app brings you more than that.

You can set conditional preferences for each device, and group control to operate them according to that. For example, if you plan to watch TV after retiring from work and reaching home, you’ll want to turn on the TV and surround sound system, dim room lights, adjust AC temperature, and switch off certain appliances in other rooms. Typically, it would take multiple commands. But Peel allows you to set this preference and group controls for all the devices. This means you can perform all the above actions using a single tap on your phone screen. Isn’t that cool?

Voice commands

That’s right, no pressing buttons anymore. In addition to the gentle tap control through a smart interface, Peel remote control also enables you to speak and send commands.

The voice-recognition feature is one of the latest additions in Peel’s package of benefits. It provides you with another fun way to control your devices. In particular, with this feature of Peel, TV and other home entertainment systems work even more conveniently when instead of typing long words, you can simply give vocal commands and perform the task.

Of course, an economical solution

The traditional automation system was costly because of multiple reasons. Firstly, they needed expensive equipment to get started with. Then, the required electronics and sensors to set the system up would further widen the hole in your pocket. Put together, it could cost you over a thousand dollars. This isn’t all. Installing them would need technical expertise. Additionally, any repair task pertaining to this system remained far from a DIY task.

With Peel remote on your Android phone, you get the same smart home experience but at zero price. Yes, the app is absolutely free to download and all you need are devices and appliances with IR or Wi-fi capabilities. Peel is compatible with more than 150 brands of home electronics and the number continues the increase. It can even control over 4,00,000 types of devices. This includes TV, set-top box, gaming console, home theatre, AC, lights, smart lock, camera, and the list goes on. So, if you have a smart device at home, it possibly has a place on this huge list.


Gone are the days when automation choices were pricy and mostly limited to expensive homes. You can now use Peel to get a smart home without having to shell out a fortune. Using infrared and Wi-fi technologies, it not only eliminates the need for juggling between so many remotes for separate devices, but it also gives your home an elegant and futuristic addition at an affordable price.

So, why don’t you download this free app from Google Play Store today and see the value for yourself?

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