Friday, 8 March 2019

Tips for Working on Competitor Analysis - Find Who you need to Compete with

While spelling the word ‘competitor’, it might be a tough one to swallow. Of course, everyone feels competitors are always obstacles for their business. Especially when it comes to SEO, it might be a bigger headache. They loot rankings, traffic and finally the customers without any kindness; hard to digest right? Most of the reasons that are behind our fall to the competitors are detectable. All you need to do is put in that extra effort to dig out all the reasons buried under. This article will aid you in seeking out all those reasons behind. So, get ready to explore.

Find your right competition

Before we begin our ride, to discover the reasons behind the fall and uncover the competitor’s strategies first pause there. Spend some time to decide or find who your actual competitors are. Are you trying to explore the strategies of the right person? Or considering someone else to be your competition; take time to think for a while. Be precise at your action. List out all those teams whom you think are your major competitors and find how much the effect they cause to your business is. From the magnitude of the effect, a particular agency has produced to your organization you will directly come to know, who your ideal competitor is.

Also, try to understand this angle of view. That when you try to determine the competitor, don’t watch out for the one who is doing better business than you i.e. don’t seek for your business competitor. All you need to focus on is your SEO competitor in order to become the best SEO Company. This is the ideal place where you have to focus and not over the business comparison. So select the SEO successor whose strategy to be revealed.

How to find the SEO competitor?

Here we go; if you are starting with SEO you must definitely have some list of target words. Give a Ctrl+c to all those words and power up the Rank Tracker. With the help of this particular tool, you will be now able to identify how effective are the keywords you are using.  Follow the following steps,

1. Begin with creating a new project for your site and paste all the words over it. Select the search engine of your target and wait for the results. Check the ranking obtained for the keywords that you have put and noted them down.

2. The Rank Tracker automatically makes a suggestion which is a major advantage of the tool. Go to preferences and choose competitors and click over the suggestions button. Rank Tracker will automatically put the keywords that you copied. Now click neatly.

3. Search for competitors and click next again.

4. Rank Tracker will now make the analysis for you and puts the top 30 best results. Among them choose the competitor who you feel is the main reason behind to drop down and add them to the project. 

Now, you have spotted your direct SEO competitor and you are ready to go through the next step.

How to assess the competitor’s strength?

Everyone after finding the competitor will go for their link building strategies, on-page optimizations efforts and similar ones. But let us choose a different approach. Step back and get an overall insight of the competitor. Find their SEO strength and the amount of work that will be required to beat them.

Let us proceed over the Rank Tracker, 

  • Switch to the Domain strength module, check out how the Domain strength makes a comparison of the competitors’ strength and identifies each of them.
  • Scroll down to find what are the major things that contribute to the overall domain strength. These are the ideal things on which you have to concentrate in order to outperform your competitor. You can also look in deep to find the individual page rankings and work from scratch.

Check out the backlinks 

Backlinks are like the backbones of the site’s authority in a search engine. Making in in-depth research of the backlink is the compulsory one. This will especially help you in concentrating and developing the link strategy, time estimates, opportunities and a lot more. The tool that is going to be equipped is the SEO SpyGlass.

  • Start a new SpyGlass and create a new project
  • Move to the Domain comparison module and click add domains. A window will pop up over which you can add the URLs of the competitor’s website. 
  • Now in-depth comparison results of your profile and the competitor’s profile will be displayed before you. 
  • You can check the overall rating of each profile and find the exact area where you fail. This can be an easier method, strategize your plans. 

Reveal the on-page tactics

Apart from checking out the backlink, working over the on-page tactics is also equally important. For this purpose, you will need to use the Website Auditor and the Content Analysis module.

  • First, choose the Website Auditor in the SEO power suite. 
  • Now go to the Content Analysis page and enter all the target keywords and target search engine.
  • Now the Content analysis will be performed and the errors along with suggestions will be displayed. You can consider those suggestions to clear the errors and optimize the content.

After performing all those analysis and recovery, now track the rankings definitely there will be an improvement. Consider following these steps on regular basis for inevitable success.

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