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How to Install Whatsapp on Linux Desktop - Ubuntu

Earlier whatsapp was a mobile app that got nothing to do with the desktop. But from past couple of months now people can have an access to their whatsapp from web browser as well. Now whether you are working on your window computer or on Linux it is possible to get your whatsapp notifications right on your system. So if you want to get whatsapp Linux version to be installed or for that matter need whatsapp on your window computer then go through the following steps given here. By reading this step by step guide you will be clear about how to install whatsapp on Linux, Ubuntu and window operating system within fraction of seconds.

How to Install Whatsapp on Linux Desktop - Ubuntu

An introduction to whatsapp

Although the most popular app do not require any introduction for the people but still here we go through some of its major highlights for those who are not much into technology. This app provides a platform to the people for sharing their messages through text, videos and audio clips as well. It is also possible to share your location, documents and songs through whatsapp as middleman.

 Apart from it you can also make audio and video class with your near and dear anytime that is too for free of cost with your internet data. So if you want Whatsapp desktop download for Ubuntu then do not miss out the following guidance given by experts to install whatsapp on different platforms easily. Today eighty percent of the world population is active on whatsapp to connect with their relatives and friends as well.

Why to install Whatsapp on Linux, Ubuntu and window operating system

Today in this cut throat life we cannot remain glued to our mobile phones round the clock. That is why it is important to have an alternative that help you to have an access to your messages from the device on which you are active most of the time. Fortunately or unfortunately our window operating system, Linux operating system and Ubuntu operating system are on the top in this list. This is because of the official work that we do on these platforms.

So if we will install whatsapp on the described platforms it will be easier to handle our social and professional life hand in hand on parallel note. These are some reasons for which people are eager to get the whatsapp on their system and not limited to the mobile phone only. If you are also sailing on the same boat then do follow the following mentioned steps to install whatsapp on your Linux and Ubuntu operating system along with on window system.

Important steps to install Whatsapp on Linux

If you are newbie to the field of installing whatsapp on Linux operating system then you can take the help of guidance given here. With these mentioned steps it will become very easy for you to understand the procedure of installing whatsapp on your Linux operating system.

Step 1: In the first step you have to download Whatsapp client version of the app on your Linux system. Click here to download :
Step 2: In the next part you are supposed to launch the app on the system.
Step 3: Once you are done with above two steps verify your QR code through scanning which will be done only when you have installed whatsapp on your mobile phone.
Step 4:The above step will verify your phone number on the Linux operating system easily and you will be able to have the same glimpse of whatsapp Linux desktop like that of your phone.

Step by step guide to install Whatsapp on Ubuntu

Like Linux operating system there are people who are using Ubuntu operating system and want to install whatsapp on their system. Those who want to get whatsapp on Ubuntu can follow the given steps to ensure the successful instalment of the app on their system easily without any trouble.

Step 1: Download the whatsapp from any browser that you are using currently.
Step 2: Now in the next part of the job you are supposed to launch the app on your system.
Step 3: Furthermore you have to repeat the similar process of scanning QR code from your mobile phone to verify your whatsapp phone number which is the most essential step.
Step 4: By completing the above steps carefully you will be able to have a great access of whatsapp Ubuntu without any sort of trouble.

How to install whatsapp on window computer 

Like Ubuntu and Linux you are supposed to follow the same steps to install Whatsapp on window system as well. So if you are thinking about how to install whatsapp on my computer then go through the step by step guide to install whatsapp on window system. You can easily install the mentioned app by taking these steps as directed here.

Step 1: Open your browser and find the whatsapp that is designed for the window system.
Step 2: Once you find the apt version of whatsapp meant for your system download it at the same moment.
Step 3: Further proceed for the launch of the app carefully.
Step 4: After completing all steps that are given above you have to move forward for verifying your mobile number with the help of scanning the QR code.
Step 5: These are the steps that you need to take for the successful installation of whatsapp on your window system with full ease.

After going through the above directions and guidance you must have got an idea about how to install the whatsapp on different operating system. So if you want to get in touch with you near and dear then install the app on your system and get every single notification while working on the system. You can work like a professional at the same time it will become easier for you to devote time to your friends and family as well. Follow every step with utmost attention and become able to get your favourite social networking app installed on your personal computer.

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