Monday, 24 June 2019

Understanding the Benefits of Exercising During Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy could be quite stressful for cancer patients. Yet, it is important to maintain optimum fitness levels for your own good. You must introduce regular exercises or physical activities but you must keep your tolerance levels in your mind. Do not overdo and do not exert unnecessary pressure that leaves you totally exhausted and feeling totally wiped out. All cancer patients must exercise regularly but they must consult with their doctor or trained and qualified healthcare professional for a personalized workout regimen or exercise plan.

Understanding the Benefits of Exercising During Chemotherapy

Exercise Boosts Your Mental Health

Exercise is the best way of boosting your mental health. It is effective in relieving stress, improving self-esteem, and reducing symptoms associated with depression and anxiety. When you are involved in physical activity, your brain would be releasing endorphins. We know that endorphins are supposed to be useful chemicals that help in elevating your mood. During chemotherapy and the entire cancer treatment, patients keep worrying. The fear factors seem to be predominating. However, daily exercises would help to distract your attention and make you feel better and happy. Because of the endorphin release during the exercise session, your mood could be uplifted by doing simple activities like taking a walk or attending a yoga class, etc. As per, “PCR has facilitated the development of a variety of nucleic acid-based detection systems for genetic disorders as well as for bacterial, viral, and other pathogens.” The ligase chain reaction could be used for effective detection of cancer.

Helps in Effective Pain Detection

A cancer tumor may trigger pain by putting pressure on soft tissues, nerves, and bones in your body. Endorphins that are released during the workout session or brisk walking sessions actually act as pain killers just like analgesics and effectively cause a reduction in the overall perception of pain.

Best for Fatigue Reduction

Cancer-associated fatigue is quite a debilitating and common side effect of chemotherapy and other types of cancer treatment. There is a feeling of acute exhaustion that is certainly not relieved by rest or sleep. You perpetually tend to feel tired. This is supposed to be multi-factorial and could be attributed to emotional fatigue, physical fatigue, and cognitive fatigue. A proper and progressive exercise plan could significantly help in improving cancer-associated fatigue. 

Instrumental in Improving the Quality of Sleep

Chemotherapy could be stressful and patients experience disturbed sleep at night. We understand that sleep disturbances are quite common in cancer patients. However, it is mandatory to get restorative sleep at night to recover from the intense effects and pain from the chemotherapy treatment. Sleep would allow your mind and body to relax, rejuvenate, and heal. Physical activity would be triggering a boost in body temperature. Once the exercise session is done, the body temperature comes down. This should help in promoting good sleep and reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.

Conclusion: Do Exercises to Boost Overall Quality of Your Life

Chemotherapy medications could adversely impact your lungs, heart, and other organs. There could be increased risks of you getting lung condition and cardiovascular diseases. Experts believe that aerobics could prove to be beneficial in fortifying your lungs and heart. However, consult a medical professional before starting an exercise plan. 

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