Friday, 19 July 2019

Discover the Unique Features of Snapseed for PC

Adobe Photoshop and similar expensive photo editing software are the rage in the digital age when it comes to making the most exciting and creative images. No doubt that these software are the best photo editing software with the most entertaining features with the only drawback of being the most expensive software. However, it is still the preferred choice when doing photo editing on computers and laptops.

This is when it comes to using the software on PC but nowadays with the upcoming revolution in the digital world, the use of mobile phones has increased. With this, the number of applications to support multi-functional use of mobile phones has also increased. One such application that has created a rage in the industry especially concerning photo editing is Snapseed.

Snapseed is a free to use photo-editing software with abundance of professional features and design suites for a complete editing experience. Various impressive tools and filters for a wonderful photo experience and entertaining outputs characterize it.  The distinctive feature is the in-built sharing capabilities that enable users to share all designed photos and images through Google Plus. The application is owned by Google and is primarily intended for use on mobile phones and iPads. However, it is designed in a way you can download, install, and run the application anywhere including your computers, laptops, and Mac. The post here explains the actual significance of Snapseed for PC along with all its distinctive features and functionalities.

First, let us learn why Snapseed on PC has been a blessing for users. Here are some of the reasons why:
  • This is the most versatile, user-friendly, and free of cost photo editing software.
  • With all the intelligent tools and features, it helps you edit any image with professional precision just at your fingertips.
  • Multiple effects, various filters, and a large resolution is a sure reason to consider when thinking to download the application on your computer.
  • When tuning your photos and doing all sort of adjustments like color balance, contract correction, and color correction a large computer, resolution is widely accepted than a small screen of a mobile device.

Now, let us get into understanding the intelligent features of the application. Some of the most exciting features of Snapseed for PC include:
  • Automatic Enhancement: The application is characterized by automatic filter that does all the adjustments and enhancements based on the colors and texture of other images of a specific photograph.  The filter analyzes each image and all the objects in the image to enhance the overall photograph optimally. 
  • Adjustments for Contrast: This feature works to make all possible corrections concerning contrast automatically. You can either swipe left or right to increase or reduce the contrast respectively. The optimal level of contrast and the maximum and minimum extent to which an image can be adjusted for contrast is analyzed based on the picture you are editing
  • Adjustments for Color: This is an automatic filter that works for color correction. You can make all sorts of adjustments in color based on overall color spectrum of the image. Furthermore, if you desire to have any specific extent of color correction you are free to do so with the feature. Color correction is achievable when one swipes to the right when the app is open.
  • Tuning Filter for Image: This feature works wonders to add a special spark and excitement to any image. The feature works to distribute even light all over the image and enables to improve the overall tone of the image.
  • Adjustment for Brightness: The feature works for correcting the levels of brightness based on the actual background brightness. The application automatically settles down an optimal level of brightness. However, you have the freedom to swipe right and brighten the actual image or swipe left to darken the image. 
  • Healing Tool: With this intelligent feature, you have the freedom to remove all unwanted objects and portions from the image. 
  • Brush: This function enables all users to make specific edits concerning saturation, temperature, or dodge on a specific targeted area of the image. 
  • Selective: This is an excellent tool integrated in the user interface of Snapseed. It allows users to make adjustments for contrast, saturation, and brightness to certain parts of the picture and make it more impressive. 
  • Perspective: This feature actually works to elongate a picture or add some extra space in the picture to get a perfect picture you desire to have. 
  • Image Saturation: This feature plays an integral role in graphics and designing. Saturation means the intensity of colors in an image and with Snapseed you have all the freedom to increase saturation by swiping right in an under-exposed image or decrease saturation in an over exposed image by swiping left. 
  • White Balance or Color Balance: There are images captured in poor light conditions or images captured in excessive light conditions. Under both the scenario, the quality of the image is hampered and hence the feature of white balance comes into existence. It helps to adjust color or white balance on all types of photographs and deliver an incredible editing experience and a quality photo output.
  • Cropping Tool:  Cropping is essential for any photo-editing software as it helps to remove all distractions and unwanted objects from the image. You can recompose any image with the desired portion of the image and even change the focal point in any image. Snapseed comes with various options when it comes to crop aspect ratios.

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