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Experience Certificate Letter – Format, Sample, and Example

Nowadays it is observed that changing job has become a common phenomenon, especially in the corporate world. When an employee switches his job it becomes important for him to show the experience certificate letter to the employer for validating his or her professional background. An experience certificate is actually a kind of letter issued to the employee by the employer to confirm that he had worked with the company with a specific position. With experience certificate, the employer certifies that the employee has a particular skill set and has knowledge in a specific field. But the experience certificate can only be issued to the employee only by the employer where the employee has already worked.  Just like any other important academic and profession certificate producing experience certificate has also become mandatory. Thus in simple words, you can say that experience certificate plays a great role in career growth and future opportunities. Generally, all experience certificate letter is usually written in the Letter Head of the company and is usually issued by the HR head of the company to the employee when he resigns from his post.  But whenever you write an experience certificate letter you have to keep various things in mind for issuing the experience certificate in a precise manner. Hence, in this article, we have come with a standard experience certificate letter format so that you can understand what you have to write and what not in the experience certificate.

Template for writing the experience certificate letter

The following is the template for writing the experience certificate letter:

Format for writing experience certificate letter

Just like any other business letter while writing the experience certificate letter you have to follow the following format:

The following are some essential things that you should not forget while writing the experience certificate letter:

  • The first thing that you need to remember while issuing the experience certificate is that you should always write it in the letter pad of the company. Writing such kind of letter in the letter pad gives credibility of both the company and the employee for whom you are issuing the certificate.
  • It is very important that the experience certificate letter is issued by the reporting manager or HR head of the company. A supervisor or HR manager knows an employee in a much better way than any other person in the company. Every employer wants to hear about the quality of the employee, his behavior, ethics, and his achievement before hiring him or her. The supervisor and the HR personnel can only know these qualities in the best way. 
  • You should never forget to include all the essential details of the employee, for example, the name of the employee, his designation, his date of joining and his tenure of work in the company, his essential achievement, his skills, and knowledge. It is also very essential for highlighting the key areas and potential of the employees as these are the qualities that can increase his chance to get a better job in the future.
  • You should always try to write the letter in a short and concise manner. It is advisable to keep the letter to one page so that the reader does not lose his interest to read the letter. Always try to give the relevant information in the experience certificate letter and do not express too much of qualities of the employee as it may create a bad impact on the employer. But before you end the letter, you should wish the employee all the best on behalf of the company
  • Always read the letter multiple times so that there are no grammatical or spelling mistakes in the experience certificate letter as it will put a bad impact on the career of the employee.
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