Friday, 5 July 2019

My Experience with Top 3 Furniture and Appliances Rentals Brand, is Renting the Next Big Thing?

I remember it as clear as day, it was the first week of November and I was sipping on my hot chocolate when my sister called me up to ask about my day but out of the blue she asked: “Do you think millennial are clever enough to live on appliances rentals?” To my surprise, I had no idea what was even the concept behind this whole rental industry. My sis was the one who actually rents out furniture and appliances, I remember her getting a cooler last week only, and no wonder her new flat looked so put together. As soon as we were done talking, I dug deeper into the whole rental industry scenario because I just had to know what the whole fuss was all about eventually. But that was a few months back and recently I came across another article about renting so I thought I should finally try out this service for good.

As I Googled through various articles out and about, I ended up on multiple service providers in India and narrowed down my search to some of the well-known players in the market.

Honestly, there were like a lot to pick from and it was quite a tough task to actually go ahead and try out, so I decided to order from top 3 rental players in the market who were popular for their services.

Rentickle - One of the top searches happen to be of this particular company.  I was just scrolling when I happened to click through their site, their collection instantly attracted me. Even better were the prices. To have such luxe collection all at budget level rates was astonishing to me.

I instantly went ahead and ordered myself a bed and thought maybe I should also rent washing machine from their furniture and appliance categories respectively.  Their appliances rentals were reasonable especially the cooler on rent that they provide seemed like a great deal but since it was not required yet I kept getting the cooler on rent on hold for next time. The whole order was delivered within 3 days and I loved the quality of bed especially, when I decide to rent washing machine I was skeptical that installation would be a problem but with Rentickle installation was done within two days so it was all fine and at the end the products given to me were in perfect condition and working well, so I was quite pleased with the whole experience.

Rentomojo – This brand was my second option in the list, I saw a couple of ads and thought of giving them a try as well, I first planned to check out their refrigerator rentals but the cost of refrigerator rentals was not in my budget so I went ahead and decided to order one of their sofas set for my home and this one took a little longer than expected, I got my delivery in one whole week, the sofa set was good however for the price it felt a tad bit on the costlier side so if you are looking for a budget worthy option then it might be a bummer, and honestly renting only makes sense when you are saving by huge margins so pick your deal accordingly.

Furlenco – So these guys are basically everywhere, before I even started searching I saw one of their ads on YouTube as I was going through my music playlist and it seemed quite nice so I decided to give them a chance as well, I happened to order one of the single beds for my sister from them, furniture on rent and appliances rental was the concept that she introduced me to so thought I should get something for her, I honestly thought their collection was quite basic and could be perfect for someone who just wants a bed to sleep on but if you are looking to decorate your room then this collection might won’t do much justice to the aesthetics that one must have planned. On the cost terms, it’s equal to what rentomojo offers may be more than that, so overall wasn’t that impressed but yes they are definitely responsive so that’s a good thing but apart from that, there are better options out in the market.

So, these were the top 3 that I felt the need to talk about, my personal favorite is definitely Rentickle solely because of the value it provides with the price and collection present on their site, in my case the delivery was also quite prompt so that is something that really impressed me the most because usually furniture and appliances rentals company take a really long time to deliver the products, sometimes the products are out of stock and other times the products are too big to do such fast deliveries to each and every customer which is justified but I am still happy with the fact that Rentickle was able to provide me with my order in that short span of time.

Even though most of the rental subscription plans provide additional benefits, Rentickle happen to provide the same as well – When you rent from these guys you get necessary benefits like Free Maintenance, Easy Returns, Fast Delivery (which I can already vouch for) and Free Relocation (which is a great option for someone who is always on the move and keeps switching within the cities)

The other two options were good as well but then again one has to be a winner and that is where it all comes down.

Apart from all the services, if we talk about the whole rental segment in our country, after using for all these services for 3 to 6 months with each service provider respectively, I have to say that I’m a pro-supporter of this growing industry, but in my honest opinion it only makes sense to rent for shorter period of time, anything above 6 months or so is quite opposite of maintaining the budget, the only case scenario where I can think it would be good enough to rent for more than 6 months would be if you are moving to a new city for a specific time period and wouldn’t want to invest your hard-earned money on things that you won’t even require by next year or however long the stay is.

Renting also helps in a lot of other ways apart from budgeting, you get to experiment with your living space without any commitments and hence there is no loss in this case because you can always return and get a new product through furniture and appliances rent at affordable cost and when you feel like something needs to be changed whether it is in your living room, bedroom, kitchen or wherever you wish, you can simply do that.

The rental industry is definitely a boon to our society and is here to stay for a long time especially for millennials.

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