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15 Interesting Facts About Horses Behavior

At the time of talk about pets, horses always come first in our minds. Just like dogs, and cats, horses are very beautiful and fascinating animals among all. Not only impressive but horses are also very powerful animals than others. Because of so many quality horses are also known as noblest animals.

Like dogs, horses are the best friends of mankind from 4000 BC. As per your needs, you can use the horse for battle or race. Not only for racing and riding purpose, but horses also teaches so many things which may help to live a happy and healthy life.

Because of its magnetic looks some horses are used in shows. Horses have a long tail, short hair, deep torso, large elongated heads, oval hooves, and long thick necks that force you to fall in love with them.

By a regular visit to your horse in American Barns or Stable, one can make a strong bond with a horse which helps you a lot. If you have any mental health issues Then, by using The equine Therapy one can easily solve this health issue and make you perfect and fit.

As we know, we eat so many unhealthy foods, which affect our physical health, but by following the horse diet chart, one can keep themselves fit and healthy. Horses are not only beneficial for us, but they teach a life lesson to our kids.

So, we learn and get so many useful things from the horses. But do we know some very important things about horses? If no then, here we give you very interesting facts about Horses. By reading the facts, you will know some things which you never know. So, are you looking for the same then read a complete blog on Amazing Facts About Horses without missing any single one.

Unknown Facts about Horses that you should Know:

As a horse owner or horse lover, you should know the Incredible Horse Facts which helped you a lot to increase your knowledge about a horse. So, if you want to know some facts about Horses then read below facts:

  • As we know, humans are omnivores, lions are carnivores and Horses are herbivorous. So, to meet the herbivorous need, Horse teeth, eye position, and digestive system are perfectly matched with the characteristics of herbivores.
  • While traveling with your horse in the double horse trailer, to secure your horse you should make sure your horse face should be open. But if you remain to open your horse face then your horses feel more comfortable.
  • There are more than 400 different types of horse breeds. Approx size of a regular size horse is about 69 inches from hoof to shoulder, and the approximate weight of the horse is 2200 lbs. Pony or small horse size is about 30 inches and weighs 120 lbs. Horse skeleton has about 205 bones.
  • Just like humans, horses are also social animals because they live in a group called herds. Wild horses generally live in a herd of 3 to 20 horses which lead by a mature horse called stallion. The rest of the herd is made up of females and their young once. Just like us, the horse also lives in stress when he/she is lonely. So, to make your horse happy, make sure your horse has at least companion.
  • Horse eyes are bigger than any other mammals on land. The most interesting fact about horse eyes, they have placed on the side of their heads means. That’s why they can see almost 360 degrees. One other myth about the horse is that he can’t identify color i.e. horses are completely color-blind. But actually, it is not true. Horses are identified as colors clearer than other mammals.
  • Humans only have just 3 ear muscles, but horses have 10 ears. That means horses move their ears in 180 degrees. Horse ears have a single area to listen to. One most interesting fact about horse ears is that by using ears horse can communicate with other horses.
  • One of the amazing facts about horse teeth is that one can know his/her age by his/her teeth. But it is only true when you take care of your horse teeth while feeding. But it may be possible that sometimes a horse lives longer than its teeth. So, for that, you need extra care for your senior horse teeth. Amazing Facts about Horse's teeth is that horse teeth occupied more space than the horse brain. Both male and female horses have different numbers of teeth. A male horse has 44 teeth while a female horse has 36-40 teeth.
  • Like we humans, horses also called by different names as per their gender. 
    1. Baby horse less than 1 year called Foal.
    2. A young horse age between 1 to 2 years called Yearling.
    3. Four Years old male horse called Colt.
    4. 4 years old female horse called Filly.
    5. A male horse age with more than 4 years named Stallion.
    6. The gelding is a castrated male horse.
    7. A female horse age more than 4 years called mare.
  • Some of us think that if your horse lying down than he/she is ill. But is not true. Horses are one and only animals who can sleep either standing up or lying down.
  • A newborn horse can walk just after a few hours of being born.
  • Horses available in different colors and as per the color horse have a different name.
  • The oldest horse named Old Billy who lived 62 years since 1822. Generally, the age of all horses is around 25 years.
  • Horses only breathe from their nose, not by their mouth.
  • Domestic horses read human emotions like sadness, happiness, or nervous like other animals.
  • Horse intake more water than other animals. In a day, horse intake at least 25 gallons water. The water supply or intake ratio depends on the area and the asthenosphere.
I hope you will get complete details Facts About Horses Behaviour. As a horse owner, you should know these important facts which may help to keep your horse healthy. If you like my blog then share it on your social media with your horse lover friends. You can also share your suggestions about this blog in the below the comment box. Thanks for reading this blog.

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