Saturday, 26 October 2019

3 Simple Tips for Downloading Online Videos on Smartphone or PC

We use many social media sites every day. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dailymotion, Vimeo - the choices are endless. But one thing common in all these sites is that none of them provide the option for downloading the videos posted there, directly from the site. This means we have to rely on external sources to somehow extract those videos and provide their downloadable links to us.

3 Simple Tips for Downloading Online Videos on Smartphone or PC

Online video downloaders were created expressly for this purpose. These can be used to download videos from many different social media sites to the personal storage device of the user. That way, not only will we be able to watch and re-watch those videos offline later on, we will also not need to open a site and perform the tedious task of finding the video every time we want to see it.
But very few people are totally aware of the workings of the digital world. There are many things that, if we are not careful, can land us in trouble. Here, we shall discuss about three important things we should keep in mind while downloading online videos, so as to make the process convenient and safe.

1. Research - Before choosing a video downloader, it is important to do a minimum amount of research into it. Every person has different needs. Do you download videos often or occasionally? What format and quality do you need the videos in? Do you want a free or paid downloader? Do you want it for your smartphone or PC? Do you need converter function too? Which are the sites you most download from? Do you use the site more through an app or via browser? When you have the answer to all these questions, search for a suitable site that meets all your demands. If you are mostly active on one site, then you can get dedicated downloaders for those sites too like YouTube video downloader, Facebook video downloader, etc.

2. Ask - There is a reason these social media sites do not have a direct download button. This is because if they did, everyone would download and use them. This is in direct violation of the copyright laws of the site. This implies that you cannot just download and store or use a video as you want. You must ask the user who posted it for permission, and only then should you go ahead with the download.

3. Scan - Not all the downloaders you come across are reliable or authentic. Too many ads, unwarranted links, asking for private information or asking to make useless downloads or actions are some indicators that these sites should be avoided. To prevent any cyber-attacks, always get the site or application thoroughly scanned by an antivirus if you have even an iota of doubt and keep monitoring its actions and their effect on the computer or phone.

Following these tips would ensure that you have a smooth and healthy Internet experience. There are obviously more tips and precautions, but these are the most important ones that just cannot be ignored or flouted.

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