Thursday, 24 October 2019

Glass Vases to Decorate your Home this Diwali

“The greatness of a culture can be found in its festival” sounds so true when it comes to Diwali. A festival which truly describes Indian culture and its heritage. The excitement of bursting crackers, going to the malls for shopping, having delicious food becomes a routine. But along with that, cleaning and decorating the house also becomes a tiresome task.

Glass Vases to Decorate your Home this Diwali

Well, of course, we cannot help you with the cleaning of your house. But we can suggest some of the best tips to decorate your house during this festive season. Apart from the regular colourful flowers, candles and paper lampshades, there is one extraordinary item which will take the breath away of your guests.

Glass vases, which not only will look good on this festive season but can also become a permanent member of your house. So, to give you a brief idea, we are sharing some of the varieties in types of vases.

1. Milk Bottle type vase

To give your house a modern look, this fashionable vase can be an appropriate choice for you. Its wide-mouth top and narrowed neck allow you to put flowers in it. If this is in your shopping list, we are sure that you will not regret to buy it.

2. Cylindrical shaped vase

A cylindrical shaped vase is an excellent option when it comes to price. They can be found easily in the market. You can use this type of vase for tall flowers like stock or snapdragons. This vase is very much different from the other varieties of glass vases. It can also be used to submerge the flowers to increase their shelf life.

3. Bouquet Vase

It is a classic vase which is an apt option to keep large flowers in the group, which will also look elegant. They are usually 7 inches tall and often used as centrepieces, which make them a very good choice to decorate centre tables. We assure you, this Diwali it is an excellent option to buy this one.

4. Square shaped Vase

This square-shaped vase will give an excellent and appealing look to your home’s decor. They are best when used for bar areas or as a little accent piece. It is a little bit tricky to arrange flowers in it but creating a grid with the help of tape can be an excellent option because it will also be a good support for heavy flowers.

5. Crystal shaped Vase

Blessed with an appealing look and glass clarity is a better option for the people who want vase and flowers to even look nicer for the home decor.
Its crystal-cut fancy look separates it from the other types of vases. It not only makes the flowers to look great in it but also lights up the whole space where they are displayed. They are available in various colours in the market, which surely makes this item to take top place in your shopping list.

6. Sphere shaped vase

This sphere-shaped unique vase can give a very interesting globe shape to your flowers. Generally found smaller in size, but have an interesting shape which generally takes the attention of the watcher. It can be seen in two varieties one is with a small opening which can be used to display one or two flowers while the other one is with a large opening which is beneficial to keep large flowers.

7. Trumpet-shaped vase 

This unique shaped vase is quite different from all the other types of vases. Its classy look makes it a ‘must to have in your showcase' product. It is the best option to keep different types of flowers like snowdrops and ranunculus. It wide-brimmed lips hold the flowers in such magnificent way that they spread out beautifully. 

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