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How to Improve Your Horse Diet in Summer

Summer is very difficult for humans as well as animals like a horse. As a horse rider, you love horse riding in summer. But you know while riding a horse in summer, he may suffer from many health problems.

Just like humans horse may face problems like dehydration, sunburns, conjunctivitis, exhaustion, photo-sensitization, and hypersensitivity. If don’t take care of your horse in summer properly then some old and senior horse may cause death.

So, you should take care of your horse in the summer. If you provide proper diet and water then your horse may be healthy and happy in summer. From this page, you will get the complete details Horse Diet in Summer.

How to Improve Your Horse Diet in Summer

Generally, we only focus on water in summer but as a horse owner, you should also know the complete diet chart for your horse in summer. But before knowing the complete summer diet let’s have a look at some useful tips to keep your horse cool in summer. So, let’s have a look…

Things You Should Keep in Mind to Keep your Horse Healthy and Happy in Summer:

  • Water
  • Cooling System or proper airflow
  • Keep them in the proper shade or American Barns
  • Provide proper feeding
  • Keep away from sunburns
  • Provide Fly Control
  • Electrolytes

So, if you want to keep your horse healthy then you should look after your horse properly. Among all the above tips all are important. But today we discuss Horse Feeding, especially in Summer. So, as a horse, are looking for the same then read the rest of the blog carefully.

Tips to Improve Your Horse Diet in Summer:

I know some of us to enjoy horse riding in summer. But do know What to feed a horse in summer. Summer Horse feeding is one of the most important tasks that every horse owner should keep in mind.

During the summer, horses are feeling more humid and hot. So, to keep them cool and happy, water is one of the best options. But what about food? Just like us, we also take care of a horse diet in a hot summer. So, below we give you some tips about Horse diet.

● Do not feed excessive protein:
When talking about protein for your horse, Hay is the first come in our mind. But while summer, do not feed too much protein to your horse. If you feed alfalfa hay every day then before feed them you should know the requirement of protein for your horse.

Because overdose of protein break down energy production as well as don’t use to repair and replace body tissues and muscles. So, after that, more heat and sweat occurs and it will create breathing and sweating problems in your horse.

So, to avoid this problem, make balancing at the time of feeding hay or alfalfa hay. Generally, a working horse needs more than 10% of the protein in the total diet which is available in good quality hay and other food.

But if you want to feed alfalfa hay then make sure it contains 17 to 20% of protein. Fed 10 pounds hay in day to maintain protein level in your horse. So, while feed hay or alfalfa hay make sure you don’t overfeed it to your horse.

● Feed Electrolyte to your Horse:
In summer, horses sweat more and release minerals such as sodium, and chloride. These minerals are commonly known as electrolytes. Reduction of minerals causes fatigue or poor performance and loss of potassium and by this, your horse may suffer from tying up disease.

So, feed electrolyte to your horse in his regular diet to reduce the loss of water. So, to avoid this problem feed electrolytes to your hard-working horse to reduce sweat and increase water level in your horse. But if you feed grain and hay then your horse wants extra electrolyte to improve the level of sodium, and salt.

The hard-working horse needs 5 to 10-pound grains, 15-pound hay, 1 to 2 ounces salt or 4 ounces of salt-based electrolyte. So, feed a proper amount of electrolyte to your hard-working horse in summer.

● Provide clean and freshwater:

 To maintain the water level in your horse during summer, provide clean, fresh and cool water. While providing water, make sure the water temperature should be between 45 to 65 F. So, keep water containers for your horse in the shade or American horse barns during summer. Not only this, but you should keep changing the water daily and clean the container.

Generally, all horses suffer from fatigue due to overheating. So, to keep them hydrated, make sure your horse intake required water daily.

● Rotate your horse Diet gradually:
During summer, there are so many changes in the types and amount of grains and hay which directly affects your horse’s digestive system. When you use any new grain first time then replace 25% of each meal with new grain or hay for 3 days.

After that replace 50% for the next three days and then 75% for the next three days. So, in 10 days of the period, you will get to know whether this diet suits your horse digestive system or not. That's why rotation in your horse is necessary for your horse in summer.

● Do not feed your horse after and before exercise:
We humans don’t eat after and before exercise. Just like us, you should not feed your horse after and before exercise. If you do so then it may directly affect your horse digestive system as lungs.
Moreover, by doing exercise immediately after a feed, encourage blood flow diversion from digestive organs. This may put your horse in danger. So, before starting exercise, one should let him horse relax and cool first and then start the exercise.

● Feed on time:
Horses are very accurate about time and this makes them timekeepers than us. Horses remember the feeding schedule for the day. So, if you don’t feed them on time then he might colic. To avoid colic in summer feed your horse on time as per schedule.

● Feed wet Hay:
We all know during summer hay is dry and it is difficult to feed a horse. So, for that, soak hay in water. But make don’t soak for more than 3 hours. IF you soak hay for more than 3 hours then instead of reducing water-soluble carbohydrate content, it may create bacteria in hay during the summer. So, soak hay for 10 minutes to improve your horse hygiene level.

I hope you will get useful details on How to Improve Your Horse Diet in Summer. By reading this blog you will get an idea about How much hay to feed horses, and How much oats to feed a horse in the summer season.

So, to avoid Summer health issues related to feeding, follow the above-given Guidelines to improve your horse's diet. As per your horse activity and weight supply diet to your horse in summer. If you like my post on Horse diet in summer then share on your social media with your horse lovers friends. To give any kind of suggestions, use the below-given comment box.

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