Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Why your eCommerce Store Isn’t Getting Much Traffic?

There are fewer things in life as daunting as putting all your investments, time, and efforts in a project, only to see that doesn’t really pay off. Unfortunately, for many e-commerce store owners, the grim situation of having a project with zero financial returns is the reality that they live in.

However, instead of moping around, e-commerce store owners need to use the failure that they face, as a platform to launch themselves into success and use these moments to learn from their mistakes. For many individuals, the problem lies in pinpointing the exact place where they went wrong, which is where we come into the picture.

We’ve compiled an article that’ll bring you in the loop and tell you why your e-commerce store isn’t getting the buzz it deserves. Let’s start with the most fundamental mistake often facing newbies- your website isn’t showing up on search engine ranks.

#1- Your website isn’t ranking well on search engine results:

Perhaps the biggest obstacle holding your site back is a failure to attract organic traffic. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, organic traffic refers to site visitors who clicked on your website via a search engine.

For an e-commerce store, getting more organic traffic means more site visitors, which in turn results in more sales and increases profits. If your current website isn’t attracting many visitors, doing a quick Google search will make clear to you where you rank, and work on improving that rank.

Generally, increasing organic traffic depends on two factors- Producing high-quality content and integrating SEO within your website. Search Engine Optimization abbreviated as SEO refers to a broad range of practices to increase site traffic, including the use of keyword and links, along with the structure of your site.

Along with SEO, producing high-quality content will help increase the traffic to your e-commerce store, and boost domain authority and sales.

#2- Your website isn’t generating the “right” type of traffic: 

Let’s be clear about one thing. Not all traffic is good traffic. This phenomenon might be similar to those e-commerce store owners, with a considerable number of visitors, but a minuscule amount of sales.

Attracting the wrong type of people to your e-commerce site usually occurs when your website has poorly integrated keywords, along with misleading articles and advertisements. Although, sometimes sites end up having the wrong visitors to their sites by using keywords, with double meaning.

While selecting keywords, make sure that they are precise and to the point. An example of this is when you type in the word leather skin shop, and you get the exact results you expected. Similarly, when you type in leather jackets for women, you’ll be displayed the results from the site with the best SEO integration and use of links.

To understand this better, try using similar keywords for all the content on your website. Moreover, to attract the visitors you want to attract, figure out what your customers require, and provide them that. Also, try to stay in the loop regarding the latest e-commerce trends and modify your online store accordingly.

#3- Your e-commerce store looks sketchy:

Although this point may seem unnecessary to some, the truth of the matter is that you might be losing site visitors, simply because your e-commerce doesn’t “look” right.  However, fortunately for all e-commerce store owners, that’s a problem that can be solved quite easily.

The first step you can take is to ensure that the design and structure of your site sits compatibly with the rest of the content. To demonstrate this better, let’s consider a funeral home website. The content hosted on this site is grim, yet for some reason, the color design used is a bright bubblegum pink, which just screams fraudulent!

Similarly, if you’re selling band t-shirts, you might want to incorporate some element of that into your web design. Apart from web design, other factors to take into consideration while creating or modifying your e-commerce site include:

  • Make sure that your store has easily accessible menus, and items categorized aptly.
  • Abandon long and hectic payment processes since they will most likely result in the customer leaving. 
  • Ensure that your online store offers customer support and has a user-friendly interface. 
  • To avoid customers suspecting any sketchiness, list all your policies, terms, and certificates on the home page. 
  • To secure your future in the e-commerce world, in the long run, try to list down all your contact details, which in turn fosters trust and boosts sales since more people consider your store to be reliable. 

#4- Your e-commerce website isn’t being aptly marketed:

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to entirely rely on search engines to have your website rank better and increase in popularity. Other ways of generating traffic to your e-commerce store include direct and referral traffic.

Direct traffic constitutes people who visit your site through typing in your web address, whereas referral traffic refers to people directed to your website via links, social media, and advertisements. If your website isn’t being marketed correctly, your website avoids getting customers through either of these traffic types.

However, by simply tweaking your marketing strategies, you can resolve this problem. However, before you can get to the marketing process, you need to research into your clientele, and figure out what appeals to the niche that you’re in.

If you deal in high-end fashion clothing on your online store, you’d probably want to market your site on social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, or through adverts in fashion magazines.
Similarly, you can also promote your site by enlisting it on a business directory, which provides legitimacy to your website and allows it to reach a broader audience.

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Parting Words

At the end of the article, we can only hope that we’ve acquainted our readers with some helpful insight into why their e-commerce store is not garnering the traffic that they expected.

With that being said, we’d like to remind our readers that accumulating traffic is a time-consuming process, so don’t get your hopes soaring after you’ve made the slightest change in your web design. However, with continuous hard work, your e-commerce store will surely take off! 

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