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10 Tips for an Effective eCommerce Web Design to Generate Leads

A good understanding of eCommerce Web Designing can help your website become more useful to your customers. The ultimate tips and tricks of eCommerce web development enrich the count of visitors on the website. The key is to master the techniques to build up a good eCommerce website.

You can take help from various eCommerce development service providers, but you must also know the tricks to come up with an excellent web design. Follow these 10 tips for eCommerce web design to generate leads

10 Tips for an Effective eCommerce Web Design to Generate Leads

Know Your Customer

During the designing of an eCommerce website, the first and most important thing to keep in mind is the customers. The view count of the website depends on your understanding of the viewers as well as the customers. Every single thing on your website is equally valuable. They have the potential to change a viewer to a customer.

Keep the Content Short and Crisp

What is the main goal behind custom eCommerce development? To shorten the time of a customer. Websites should be designed in a way that minimum time is needed to buy a product. Thus, the content i.e. all the details regarding the products, should be kept short and simple. Using short notes and bullet points are helpful in eCommerce site development.

Maintaining the Quality of the Photos

Buying anything online means you have to rely only on the photos of the products. As customers can’t see or touch the product, photos of the products should be of good quality. Try to put importance in showcasing the details of the products. Also try to avoid blurriness. Uploading high resolution product photos and covering different angle shoots of the product is highly appreciated by customers.

Be Honest With the Price

Always be honest with the pricing. This is the principle of eCommerce development. Show the actual price of the product on the website. Don’t hide any additional cost. This may cause customer disbelief. If there is any extra cost, put it in the details of cost. Also, in case of shipping products, show the total cost beforehand to avoid any miscommunication.

Handy Search Bar

One of the first things to keep in mind in eCommerce site development is to understand the customers’ mind. Usually, the viewers come to search for something which they already have in mind. Thus, the search bar should be designed accordingly.

Including Reviews of the Products

More than 50% customers read reviews of the products before buying. The reviews should be right under every individual product.

Contact Information is a Must

Don’t forget to mention your contact information below the website. Customers often have a query about products. So, easily available contact info is a must. Try to include information as much as possible.

Easy Checking Out

Don’t ask for too much information while a customer is purchasing a product. Just the necessary information i.e. address, contact info, name, way of payment are enough. Keep the checking out process quick and easy.

Filter Products

Filters on an eCommerce website are very useful to customers. Filters help them to search for the suitable products on the basis of price, size, color, material, etc. It’s the key to successful custom web design services.

Showing Regards 

Thanking your customers after a purchase is a great way to show gratitude. After a purchase, customers should be redirected to a thank you page. This technique also assures the customer of a confirmation of the purchase.


These are the key techniques of effective eCommerce site development. If you want to increase the view count in your website and ultimately change the viewers to customers then these skills are very much needed to be followed. Understanding the need of your customers and designing according to them will eventually set up an excellent eCommerce website. If you’re not sure how to do this yourself, don’t refrain from seeking help from a renowned eCommerce development service provider.

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